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  1. I'm not sure but that name rang me a bell and there's a good chance we detect it as PUA That is possible, not sure if you detect ASC itself, but I do know iobit used to have PUA's bundled in all or some of their softwares. And some complained and said it was a "FP". But it wasn't of course.
  2. They are crazy and will continue to be crazy. In this case being crazy is a good thing. Calling this "extremely important" is to exaggerate just a little bit. No special feature is needed for that either. Advanced System Care..product by IOBit. I hope you like it. Personally I will never install an IOBit product in my PC ever. It is not surprising you use products having Advanced in the product name. Continue to use HitmanPro. And please stop posting requests like this it is not fun anymore.
  3. You can see "my" examples as you like, I simply weigh and try to see the positive and negative aspect of having my banking details in such apps....but the public knowledge won't matter if the banking details leak out of these apps for some reason does it? Its not prohibited to mention other vendor names in here afaik, I assume you talk about this? hxxp://www.amazon.co.uk/G-Data-Bank-Guard-PC/dp/B008UL0HT0 Protects against all known and unknown banking Trojans Compatible with any security software Plug-in for MS Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers I love products that can protect us from "all known and unkown" Also any user can use this as they claim its compatible with other security softwares. (fwiw it is also incorporated in the G-data product lineup for anyone interested) Yes we are way off-topic as we are only meant to post future changes, though several members have lately posted loads of totally unnecessary and even fictional features that is a "must have"...and push forward that banking mode is very essential, so I must of course say that I do not agree with that and say my opinion in this whole mess. But to at least end the banking mode discussion maybe ESET could say something about whether it indeed is necessary to add features like that to NOD32/ESS...or not. FYI "Shame" works just fine in your sentence. I guess it could be useful to know what "Titan" have that you like?
  4. This is indeed an International forum as in everyone can join in...but yes English is what we use Yes I don't understand the whole post but most of it. Keyloggers are seen as malware and so they will be detected like any other form of malware. Again, please correct me if i'm wrong...and of course not all secure banking features/apps works the same way. I assume you mean incase a user have a little keylogger on the system and goes to bank.com to do online banking, you want a feature that "prevents" the keylogger from "seeing" the private stuff? And the "wallet, safe pay" or any similar feature is up for that job? The way I see it, the chance that I would have an active undetected keylogger on my system waiting for me to do online banking or shopping is very small. And I don't want to risk that this "wallet" is being exploited in some way and the encryption cracked wich will hand over my banking details to the wrong person, wich I see as a bigger chance than having a keylogger or similar lurking around.
  5. Sorry I didn't know that Thanks for the explanation
  6. But we should get back to topic... Yeah let's forget about the banking fluff fluff and the ultimate stuff...and focus on the real-world, real products, and real features.
  7. Maybe but I don't think other AV vendors have "ultimate anti-keylogger" or "ultimate anti-rootkit". But i have to agree: It's not really feedback. No he did of course add "ultimate" to some of the "ideas" to make the message clear. Ultimate or don't bother.
  8. No problem! It's good to explain why his feedback is not such good, but sometimes you also have to exhort... Yeah but its not really feedback (as I see feedback) that he gives, its more like he want a total rewrite of the software by comparing ESET's features to 30 other products that have all those "features" that apparently is missing in ESET that just have to be added so ESET becomes the best of the best.
  9. Yeah and I (we) shouldn't really reply, I kind of feel I put more wood on his fire by replying. But I feel a need to reply and explain that this feature called " iWatch super advanced behavior based malware blocker " may not be what you think it is, and a product may have a very similar function but it is called something totally different in a product from another vendor. So browsing around looking at products from other vendors and what their features are called, only to post them here as future ideas or even requesting them to be added is just a waste of time.
  10. Safe Pay (safe banking) can make online transactions from a unique, dedicated browser, that secured your accounts from fraud. Safe pay can now also automatically fill credit card details in billing fields. Wallet feature is a secure tool that speeds up online shopping by autocompleting credit card details within payment fields. Apart from purchase details, Wallet can also safely organize credentials for favorite websites, messaging applications, or frequently-used WI-FI networks. Please correct me if i'm wrong.... 1. Automatically fill in details...doesn't that mean I have to trust the "app" and put in my precious details into the app for that auto-filling function to work? No thank you! 2. Again, speed up my online shopping (i'm not in a hurry!) by having my details in the app so the app can "auto-complete" that for me. No! And I don't care if all of it is encrypted or not. To me it sounds very similar to how a password manager works, having my passwords in it will allow it to auto fill my password whenever I login somewhere. But this is for banking, no I will never trust an app with my bank details ever! You said -> "Banking Mode or Secure Wallet is necessary for making payments more quickly and secure." Tell us how it is more secure to connect to the bank through the "safe pay browser". Than doing it in my own browser from my Malware and Keylogger free computer.
  11. No not yet anyway, so the blue "answered" stamp has not yet showed up on his thread on the index page.
  12. @kakashi I have a tip for you... If you want "Behavioral Genotype Protection" take a look at Sophos I think they already have that We don't need a separate engine for each malware group, spyware and keyloggers are Already covered and detected by the current ThreatSense scan engine. Cookies are harmless unlike malware, some may track but they are still harmless to your computer. And users who want to block off tracking cookies are most likely already aware of the different browser add-ons that everyone can install wich will do that job just fine. Detecting cookies is not really a job task for an AV. I feel there's no need to comment on the rest of the ideas. Facebook and Privacy in the same sentence that's a first.
  13. Well then i'm sorry, I was only trying to help but obviously it wasn't helpful at all.
  14. @JNCx8 ESET does already use URL and IP blocking in the products. Works very well. Adwares are detected, but what you describe in terms of homepage changes etc.. sounds more like a work done by our PUA friends so it can also be good to enable detections of Potentially Unwanted and Unsafe applications in the product.(user optional) We already have AMS (Advanced Memory Scanner) that take care of the memory so it automatically scans everything you execute. "Another point is the rapid analysis ESET does not have an option for quick analysis, intelligent takes almost 30 minutes or 1 hour, a quick scan only serves to verify the paths where the virus constumam normally install, a quick search was ideal also .." No not really, besides there is nothing called a quick scan in ESET products. But we have a Smart Scan... And Yes the very first scan usually takes longer to finish but the following scans will be quicker. "camfeting" well malware is malware so whether the aim is to watch you through the webcam, or steal money from you it doesn't really matter. And people can easily take care of their webcams on their own. I like Mikkos way of doing it... If your computer is clean from keyloggers, (and any other type of malware) and your browser is not hi-jacked in some way, and you connect to the bank via HTTPs the so called "banking mode" "secure wallet" "shopping protection" and what else they are called is redundant.
  15. Hi Pentode, If you look at the bottom right corner of your post here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2955-ekrnexe-crashes-xp/?p=16920 Next to the "report, multiquote, quote" buttons do you see a "Mark Solved" button there? If you click that button the thread will get an answered "stamp" on it and that particular answer will be displayed at the top of the thread, like you can see here for example: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2959-thunderbird-ver31-disables-eset-addon/ The "Mark Solved" button is only visible to the thread starter so no one else can use it. HTH, SweX
  16. 1. why not? Quarantining a file is not the same as deleting the file. One can't expect non experienced users to know how to handle a detection. Today the users will see a popup saying "Win32.Trojan....quarantined" there's no question like "allow, block, remove, clean, quarantine etc.." involved at all. And that is the safest way to do it having the user in mind. One should keep the "user dependent" popups to a minimum when it comes to threat detections for several reasons. So incase of a FP users can restore quarantined items from the quarantine. I know for a fact that my neighbour for example would call me every singel time asking for advice what he should do unless a threat is quarantined automatically. But i'm curious to hear what you think is a better way, if threats should not be quarantined automatically...what is better and safer for the user? Asking the user is not a better or safer way IMO. Edit: For example vendors having too much of the yellow (user dependent) detections in the AV-C RWPT are working to minimize that in their products making them more automatic resulting in a more user friendly and easier to use product: hxxp://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php
  17. @kakashi. You've said what you think needs to be improved or added several times already there is no need to repeat it every week. Thanks
  18. Good morning, IMO......... If your computer is clean for keyloggers, (and any other type of malware) and your browser is not hi-jacked in some way, and you connect to the bank via HTTPs the so called "banking mode" is redundant. I agree even if I have no use for it a Sandbox can be useful. A new GUI is already in the works. Exiting=shutting down the whole program sounds too dangerous, people can easily forget to turn it on in time before something tries to sneak in. Regarding the different scanning "modes" its already quite clear what they do. Exclusions can already be made very easily in the program.
  19. That design will not fit in nicely with the rest of the checkboxes check/uncheck in the advanced setup tree. But I don't think they will spend time on re-designing now when they are working on a new GUI, and the advanced setup tree as it looks today might be replaced with something that looks different in the new GUI design where the settings for advanced users are located. We'll see.
  20. @rugk Yes sure, FYI I didn't read the whole post since I don't like to read posts where there are no spaces between sentences. It's like I would talk for 3 minutes straight without taking a break to breath. So I only answered on those suggestions that I saw wich simply don't need to be implemented, and some that absolutely shouldn't be implemented. Instead one can use services and softwares that is made by other companies and developers that have expertise in these areas. ESET should continue to focus where their focus is today. Its better to be good and focus at a couple of things, than do 10 things at ones resulting in something half-baked.
  21. and most of the rest are ideas that would make the products unnecessarily bloated or they are not good or safe ideas (e.g. ESET cannot remove PUAs automatically by default for legal and safety reasons) and ESET won't include them in future versions of the products. Thanks, now I don't need to mention this myself. As for many of the suggestions, have all of them in ONE product is not my cup of tea. And there is already several good online services (cloud backup etc..), and/or stand-alone applications that you can download and use for one or several of the suggestions.
  22. ESET never give any release dates, but BETA 1 will probably be released when it's ready for prime time.
  23. Welcome Valinorum! Sounds like you're not really new in the game against malware etc.. and got some useful knowledge about a thing or two
  24. The latest update was a type of update that unless one have or are still experiencing any of the fixed issues/problems then there is no need to update. I still have not updated myself yet for that reason. HTH.
  25. That would work too, I know who they are. I am probably younger but age doesn't matter in music FYI my favorite music decade is the 80's but music made earlier than that works just as good. Let's just say that, if someone put on a song by egg thrower Bieber then I would walk away! Now back to the topic -> future changes.....
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