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  1. You can follow the suggestion by TomFace above and disable detection of Potentially Unsafe and/or Unwanted applications completely if you don't want any such detections in the future at all.




    You can keep detection for Potentially Unsafe and Unwanted applications enabled, and instead exclude specific apps from being scanned by the engine both in real-time, on-access and on-demand scanning.


    How do I exclude files or folders from scanning in ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus?

    Exclude specific applications or folders from Real-time file system protection and all scan activity (Startup scan, On-access scanning and Computer (On-demand) scanning)


    >>  hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2769/

  2. The problem is continuing on XP.  I did not test Win 7 with the IPM 1254.  Memory use by ekrn.exe seems to grow at a slower rate, but it is growing, so I feel the issue has been made less intrusive, but it is not fixed.  


    The link given above with the statement "Today i confirm again : solved  with https://forum.eset.c...k-come/?p=44873" is simply page one of this same thread, so no fix is "confirmed."

    Hmmm. All I can say is that I can't reproduce the leak/high ram usage anymore on XP, even doing the same things which would make the ram usage rocket earlier, it doesn't do that anymore and the ram usage stays at the same level as it is at boot.


    No, that link goes to a forum post (#18) which links to a KB article explaining how to enabled/disabled pre-release updates, I assume evvivame enabled PR updates i order to get IPM 1254 which in return fixed the issue for him/her, and wanted to confirm it.


    Well, also test Win 7 to see if there's any improvement/worse/difference at all.

  3. You are maximum protected in V9 too.  :)


    In V8, the Home GUI says "maximum protection" when everything works normally and there are no issues.


    But in V9 it looks like this and says "you are protected", the words are the only difference here.



    Nothing have changed with the software itself in terms of "maximum" protection, only a few words in the GUI.


    Or perhaps you're talking about the "splash" screen at boot ?

    I don't remember what it says in V9 but above applies there too, it is basically only the use of words that may not be exactly the same in all places.

  4. Spoke too soon.  With 3.1 GB downloaded, ekrn.exe is up to 589 MB.  On it's way to failure.  Time to shop for a new AV supplier.

    On XP or Win7 ? The fix (work around) included in IPM 1254 only applied for XP afaik. So the similar problem you have with Win7 is most likely not caused by the same bug that caused the issue in XP. You're free to change AV if you like, but if you want to see a solution, then working with ESET is your best option to solve it of course.



    Bro, some problem happened sometimes with ESET & customer care in India is not good. That's why I told this all. Is anything wrong with it??

    What does the features of the product (or lack of anti-features and use of certain buzzwords to be correct) have anything to do with how good/bad the customer care is in India ? The title of your thread is "missing features", but a more appropriate title would be: "customer care in India is no good, can you help me ? ".


    "Facing update problem sometimes. Also customer support is bad."


    Then write a bit about your update problems and what customer care in India was unable to help you with.


    Update issue: Try to update......it takes update & apply but show previous database number(example: 13590), current version number as of 6/3/2016, 19:21 is (13591).


    So updating works fine, but the update information (text) in the GUI does not change after the virus signature database has been downloaded, is that what you're saying ?

  6. It would be great to have a fix, but I am not aware of the designation "version 1254 of the internet module."


    I have V7 (7.0.325.1) on XP and V8 (8.0.312.0) on Windows 7.  How does "version 1254 of the internet module" relate to these?


    On V7, if I click the button to check for updates, it offers V8.  Does this include the fix?  It seems not since I have the same problem on V8 in Win7.


    Please advise how I can get this fix.



    The button to check for updates in the GUI is for the product version itself and not the modules, the modules get's updated automatically together with the virus signature database.


    To check if you have "Internet protection module: 1254 (20160526)", you can for example click on your ESET tray icon and then click on About in the tray menu, then you find the module in the list to see your current one.



  7. Hello Bella, nice seeing you again :)


    I don't know if you use Facebook, Twitter etc.... But here's some links, they may not be relevant to you but they are all connected to the "social media scanner" in one way or the other.


     ESET Social Media Scanner FAQ


    1. What is ESET Social Media Scanner?
      ESET Social Media Scanner is an application independent from ESET antivirus products that is designed to protect you from malicious content distributed through social networks. ESET Social Media Scanner monitors new social media content and looks for malicious code. For example, wall postings containing links or media in your posts and from those you are following on Twitter.
    2. How does it work?
      ESET Social Media Scanner works primarily by monitoring your personal social media accounts. When malicious code is discovered by ESET Social Media Scanner, you will be alerted by a message from the scanner or by email. Additionally, ESET Social Media Scanner can be configured to call out malicious content by posting a comment that warns you and other users to avoid media that has been found to contain malicious code.

      The following is a list of the settings and features available:
      • Automatic scanning
      • Email notifications
      • Send a scan report when a threat is found
      • Send a scan report after on-demand scans
      • Warn authors of dangerous posts
      • Tweet scan results


    ESET Social Media Scanner End Of Life announcement

    (only applies for Facebook it seems)







    BUT it would be good to know whether ESET actually sends out emails to users from "noreply(at)socialmediascanner.eset.com" with notifications like the one in your screenshot. ?


    They at least mention in the FAQ (seen above) that users can be alerted by email. So I guess there is a chance your emails are legit and that the "social media scanner" only did its job on your Twitter profile like the email says, but I can't confirm that as I don't use it personally.

  8. Bro, some problem happened sometimes with ESET & customer care in India is not good. That's why I told this all. Is anything wrong with it??

    What does the features of the product (or lack of anti-features and use of certain buzzwords to be correct) have anything to do with how good/bad the customer care is in India ? The title of your thread is "missing features", but a more appropriate title would be: "customer care in India is no good, can you help me ? ".


    "Facing update problem sometimes. Also customer support is bad."


    Then write a bit about your update problems and what customer care in India was unable to help you with.

  9. Okay, first i thought maybe it's a new kind that wasn't detected yet. But then I uploaded it to VirusTotal and got this output



    Their version of ESET detects it, so do a bunch of other AV's.


    What's going on here?


    Coin miners are classified as potentially unsafe applications. This classification covers legitimate tools that can be misused in the wrong hands for malicious purposes. The detection is disabled by default in ESET's products.


    How do I configure my ESET product to detect or ignore unwanted, unsafe and suspicious applications?



  10. These detections occured when I enabled the detection of "potentialy dangerous applications".


    The detection for CCleaner standard installer is correct since you have enabled that user optional detection category. It is detected cause Google Chrome IIRC is bundled with it. If you don't want Potentially Unwanted/Unsafe Applications to be detected then you can always disable them. In any case, it is not a false positive. I can't say why HMPA is detected as such though.


    I last month went with the standard CCleaner installer cause I had issues with previous version and didn't want to wait until the slim build was released. I just clicked on "no action" a few times on the PUA warning notifications to let it through and unticked the Chrome offer during install. I want pua/pups to be detected so clicking on "no action" in cases like this or when no "clean" installer is provided by the developer at all - is a no issue for me.

  11. Based on this test I may switch back to Kaspersky  :rolleyes:


    Of course I'm joking :D Middle of the pack result for Eset - 98% with zero FP. Does Eset have a team dedicated to these tests like KL, Symantec and other AV vendors?

    Yeah, we should have switched to Kaspersky a long time ago according to each month's result ^_^


    Haha hmmm....maybe they do, we'll never know. If we pretend they do, then the team does a terrible job reaching only 98% :D:P 

  12. just trying to help

    i dont think there are not  bad ideas

    We know that you're trying to help to make the products better by sharing what you think should be added.

    No one have said straight out that they are bad ideas, maybe just not realistic considering how the product would look if all ideas were added, and some may not even be needed or fit in that good in the products.


    I would rather see ESET improve and extended some of the existing features further than incorporate all sorts of anti-xxx into the products. But of course, it is no secret that not all users wants to see the same future for the products. Some want ESET to keep the products simple but powerful, while others may want something totally different.


    With that said. Keep posting your ideas. :)

  13. This site is safe 100% because other AV do nothing with it

    This is about a site.....


    But let's say I download a file (turns out to be malware) that ESET detects, but no other AV detects, you are basically saying that that file is 100% safe because "other AV do nothing with it" i.e does not detect it. Not a good idea to think like that when it comes to websites or files in general, and even if a site has been "known good/safe/clean" for a long time - you never know if it has been breached or not.


    FWIW, as an alternative you can try out hxxp://www.clipconverter.cc/ which I have not had any issues with when I have used it in the past.

  14. Software security suffers as upstarts lose access to virus data


    Alphabet Inc's Google runs the VirusTotal database so security professionals can share new examples of suspected malicious software and opinions on the danger they pose. On Wednesday, the 12-year-old service quietly said it would cut off unlimited ratings access to companies that do not share their own evaluations of submitted samples.


    Some security companies rely completely on the database, essentially freeloading, said executives on both sides of the divide, and did not want to share their analysis for fear of being found out.


    VirusTotal did not name any companies to be cut off. But several people familiar with the matter told Reuters the move would affect high-profile California firms Cylance Inc, Palo Alto Networks Inc and CrowdStrike Inc, as well as some smaller companies.


    Cylance said it gave up access to the ratings two weeks ago after deciding not to share its technology. Chief Research Officer Jon Miller said Cylance had not suffered but that others had.


    "Many next-generation products are simply not functioning right now," he said, declining to say which. He said the loss of VirusTotal could help spur the companies to invest in their own innovation to catch viruses.


    VirusTotal gets about 400,000 submissions of potentially dangerous files daily, mostly from old-guard antivirus companies like Symantec Corp, Intel Corp and Trend Micro Inc which sit on the most machines.


    “It was never meant to enable new companies to use it as a shortcut by silently relying on, and benefitting from, the service without a corresponding investment,” said Trend Micro Chief Technology Officer Raimund Genes, one of many old-line tech executives who pushed for the shift.




    Research & Development is expensive but essential to keep product development going. So relying on other companies R&D without giving something back is not okey. So much for the so called "next-generation" products.

  15. Maintaining a healthy community


    VirusTotal was born 12 years ago as a collaborative service to promote the exchange of information and strengthen security on the internet. The initial idea was very basic: anyone could send a suspicious file and in return receive a report with multiple antivirus scanner results. In exchange, antivirus companies received new malware samples to improve protections for their users. The gears worked thanks to the collaboration of antivirus companies and the support of an amazing community. This is an ecosystem where everyone contributes, everyone benefits, and we work together to improve internet security.  


    For this ecosystem to work, everyone who benefits from the community also needs to give back to the community, so we are introducing a few new policies to make sure that our community continues to work for years into the future. First, a revised default policy to prevent possible cases of abuse and increase the health of our ecosystem: all scanning companies will now be required to integrate their detection scanner in the public VT interface, in order to be eligible to receive antivirus results as part of their VirusTotal API services. Additionally, new scanners joining the community will need to prove a certification and/or independent reviews from security testers according to best practices of Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO).....



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