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  1. To put it short; No & Yes https://forum.eset.com/topic/8145-eset-internet-security-and-eset-nod32-antivirus-10-beta-is-available/?p=44015 https://forum.eset.com/topic/8145-eset-internet-security-and-eset-nod32-antivirus-10-beta-is-available/?p=44926
  2. ESET Internet Security is a new product in the line-up with some new features as seen in the screenshot above. ESET Smart Security is not part of the beta testing at the moment.
  3. No word yet - all I can say is that ESET Internet Security is not killing anything...but malware
  4. Default Deny (if you meant by default) will not work as the majority of ESET's customers want (and need) a product that is easy to use with no unnecessary popups or detection notifications with questions like "allow, block, quarantine". I gave a suggestion myself a while ago that you may like which should work with the help of data from Livegrid. https://forum.eset.com/topic/51-future-changes-to-eset-smart-security/page-14#entry17761 I am not a fan of auto block as that would automatically block everything that is not yet on the white-list. I want to control that myself, which is part of my suggestion above.
  5. Also, I may be a nice pale person but I really wish there was a bit more colors in the GUI here and there. It is so white/grey/pale in its current state. Well, except the "home" screen where the ESET robot is where we have a bit blue and green. But I want nothing extreme and/or sharp color contrasts, that would be even more annoying/worse compared to its current look.
  6. Why should they be accessible for non-forum users too ?
  7. Why is that? Previously you just had to confirm your mail. Or is the mail verification still broken? To counter spammers is one reason. But its not 100% effective as we have seen lately when some spam slipped through, but I would say that it's better to use this method than not use anything at all.
  8. hxxp://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/#advanced-memory-scanner "Advanced Memory Scanner complements Exploit Blocker, as it is also designed to strengthen protection against modern malware. In an effort to evade detection, malware writers extensively use file obfuscation and/or encryption. This causes problems with unpacking and can pose a challenge for common anti-malware techniques, such as emulation or heuristics. To tackle this problem, the Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of malicious processes and scans them once they decloaks in the memory. This allows for effective detection of even heavily obfuscated malware. Unlike Exploit Blocker, this is a post-execution method, which means that there is a risk that some malicious activity could have been performed already. However, it steps into the protection chain when everything else fails." I assume you had something like Emsisoft's Behavior Blocker in mind when you made this request. Just wanted to mention the purpose of AMS and what it does. hxxp://static3.esetstatic.com/fileadmin/Images/INT/Docs/Other/ESET-Technology-Overview.pdf Edit: This PDF literally explains the ins and outs of the software itself and what happens behind the scene on the back-end systems. Every customer/user that is interested in this kind of geek information (it is very informative) should take time and read through the whole PDF.
  9. Well, it doesn't get "much better" automatically only because you put most of the software in the cloud and use a thin client on your computer, and "cloud" is only a word, what's going on in the cloud with the logics (algorithms, heuristics, behavior analysis)..and so forth is what actually matters. LiveGrid is ESET:s cloud back-end system that the software gets assistance from in real-time, and how ESET will improve LiveGrid and how the software takes advantage of LiveGrid in the future - time will tell. The thing is that the RAM is very fast, so having the software loaded in the RAM results in that you get better system performance, but that is not possible if prio nr1 is to keep the RAM usage as low as possible. I personally prefer to have my security sofwares run locally but like that they have in-built cloud features that takes advantage of a cloud back-end system like LiveGrid, the best of both worlds.
  10. More like all the time Shame I can't buy from them
  11. I reckon that all of his suggestions and ideas are perfectly realistic and reasonable to him. But I'm not worried, it's not like ESET will take notice and implement any of it, especially when 99% are nothing but made up fancy words taken out of the blue. I guess he has a wild fantasy or something that he get all funny ideas from.
  12. Because ? And help with what exactly ? Do you even know why the RAM usage is like it is ? (sorry for only quoting one of your requests...I simply don't have time to ask questions about each one) No, rugk doesn't hate you, don't be silly kakashi. It's just that we are all concerned about what would happen with the products if you were head of development at ESET. ESET could easily loose over 50% of their user-base if they did a 360 with their product lineup, and started to offer something totally different. If we would go over to Kaspersky's, Symantec's, Bitdefender's, Avast's, Webroot's etc etc... forum and copy your post and paste it there, do you think they would appreciate it, or not ? (People use their products (just like ESET) because they like them, not because they want the products to become something totally different.) Why do you even use ESET if you don't like it and want it to change so badly ? There are over a 100 other AVs you can try out if you like, maybe one of them will suit you better.
  13. I can see you now, you made a post in the "world" thread
  14. You too? How many Wilders members are lurking around in here eh
  15. Hey foneil, Not that it matters for me personally. But If you go through with that, then what does that mean exactly? I actually didn't even know that you had an account on Wilders.
  16. Ahhh now I see it, quite well hidden on the dark grey/blueish background. It becomes more visible (along with the report, edit and hide buttons at the bottom) when the cursor is placed within the post.
  17. I have this "edit" issue too. I didn't post a thread about it because I thought that I was the only one having this issue, but it turns out others have had it for a few month as well lol! Why didn't you guys post about it earlier ? Why didn't I post about it earlier...it could have been solved by now Yes Indeed, edit -> press F5 -> edit -> F5 -> edit -> F5...that's how I do it incase I need to edit a post. It works, but I rather get a working edit button again.
  18. .....but don't install V5, download the latest version (V8) from ESET's website: hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download//home/detail/family/5?installer=offline#online
  19. Hello, 1. You are not the first to want the GUI to be easier to read or similar, but I doubt a new version of the current one will be released as they are currently working on a new GUI that I assume will look different. 2. Yeah quite many users that used that button in earlier version want that function/button to make a come back into the tray menu. You can actually vote for "Update now" here if you want.... "What option do you find useful and would like to add it to the tray menu?" https://forum.eset.com/topic/1650-tray-menu-options-poll/
  20. ESET already have a small "problem" in that too many people submit what they think is malware via the in-built submission form, but what really is no malicious files at all, it's usually just "junk". If they also were to include a "future changes" (purpose of this thread), in the GUI they would get loads of unnecessary suggestions all day long such as "hello, my computer is so slow, can you please add a system speedup function to make it faster ?" No, doing that would be a big mistake and a waste of staff resources that would need to wade through all "ideas". Many users doesn't even know what the product is and how it works, they just read in a Mag that it was good so they installed it, or it got installed on their machine by a friend, technician, or someone knowledgeable that knows it's a good bloat free product. So how would these users know what type of features that fits in the program, they could submit all sorts of irrelevant product feature suggestions. And most users don't want the product flooded with new features in every new versions, they want it to stay small and slim. Besides, people that actually are interested in ESET software already knows where they should go with their ideas and suggestion. And yes of course, all ESET users can express their opinion freely on the Internet if they like, but not through the program itself, it's not a chat client that we are using :-P.
  21. Any chance you could provide links to the specific forums you quoted from? I would really like to read their comments and findings in their entirety. I know Malwaretips is one of the forums, but I would hardly call them "malware experts" even if a few members is very knowledgeable. If you have worked with malware for 10-20 years or so then you can be called an expert. The majority of the MT members that downloads the samples does not execute them at all, they just scan the samples. If someone wants to see AMS for example kick in and detect a sample during execution, then you actually have to execute the sample that was not detected by the right-click context menu scan, or on-demand scan. (If a sample is not detected by the scan the members on MT count it as a miss/undetected.) As far as I know, one cannot get any "suspicious/behavioral" detections by any AV unless the sample is executed. My neighbor "average Joe" would not download a file and scan it with his AV Before he executes the file, he would run it right away. Malware can also be detected and blocked by ESET at the originating source, and that source is not a forum on the internet where one can download collected samples.
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