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  1. Is the Threat Log pushed to syslog once syslog is setup? So far I've not been able to see a test eicar test virus show up in syslog with all syslog options set to level 5. This is something we'd really like to be able to do just in case something was to happen to the eset server. Appreciate any help.
  2. Doh man right there in front of me. Thanks for pointing that out!
  3. I couldn't find a answer to this directly lookinig around on google. I'm trying to point ESET to syslog on the ERA server. I've already gone into Server Options > Server Log and checked Log to syslog. I've also reviewed the settings in Advanced settings under ERA Server > Settings > Logging but I don't see where I point ESET to a syslog server directly. I see settings Enable Server Log Logging to syslog Server log to syslog verbosity Syslog facility for server log I'd expect to see something like Syslog server: hostname or IP or something like that but don't. Appricate any help. Robert
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