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  1. This was one of the first things I did. I added the program and and ports it uses to the firewall exceptions. Though I will attempt to run learning mode to test if there is anything that was missed. In regards to the OS Upgrade solution superssjdan suggested, this was not the case. Installing Windows 8.1 was an option I went with after my SSD finally threw in the towel and I had to use a different drive which was formatted prior to installing.
  2. Hey, So I recently decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and have been having an issue using a program I typically was using on Windows 7. I went through the entire process of compatibility troubleshooting both automatic and manual, yet nothing happened. I was recommended to disable my anti-virus.. and something interesting happened. After disabling both Firewall AND Protection, ESET had a nice little popup in the upper right corner of my screen stating that it had "detected" something.. Everything still says disabled.. Yet ESET is still hijacking my file system and detecting false positives...? On top of that my program is still giving me "An Internal Error Occurred." - Back to troubleshooting. I've exhausted nearly every solution I can find / come up with, I get to the last one.. Uninstalling NOD32. After a reboot, suddenly my program is running and all is well, except the lack of a (semi)reliable anti-virus. So.. If ESET refuses to provide a feature which ACTUALLY disables their program, I am forced to find a new Smart Security solution. Good thing my sub expires in 20 days.. We had a good run ESET.
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