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  1. I always have Interactive Mode on so this is a bit unfortunate. Skype I uninstalled as I never use it but I'm thinking I might actually use the Phone stuff.
  2. I'm on on Win 10 Pro. I've recently done a full reinstall of Windows and ESET. I am being asked every day for YourPhone.exe rules. IP address isn't ticked so AFAIK it should create a non-IP specific rule so why am I being asked for new rules all the time? I had the same for Skype and ended up uninstalling it because of this. ANy thoughts
  3. More likely to be this forum that has leaked somehow. I've had more spam today. This is the reason I use forwarders and never give out my actual email address. I can just change the forwarder.
  4. I have a simple forwarding system for my emails, domain@mydomain I just had a spam email containing malware to my eset.co.uk@ email address. Has Eset or any of it's suppliers been hacked?
  5. The thing that confuses me is: 1. ESS is notifying me of all updates even though it should only be doing Critical updates 2. The driver updates ESS shows are bogus because if I go to the drivers in the Device Manager and choose update, there are no updates I'd say 2 bugs in ESS.
  6. I've noticed since I installed Windows 10 (clean install) with ESS 9 (clean install) that I get notications for all Windows Updates even though it's set to Critical only. Also half of the updates listed are not shown when I go to windows update? These are usually drivers an optional updates. How do I get to these? Many thanks, Paul.
  7. That worked a treat thanks. I didn't tick it, it didn't do it with this version installed over version 6 so I didn't know it was there Thanks again!
  8. I've just rebuilt my PC (Win 7 64bit) and installed the latest version of ESS. I have it running in Interactive Mode and every time a change is requested, UAC is kicking in? I am running as an administrator and before I rebuilt/reinstalled it never did this? It's a completely clean install. Any ideas as it shouldn't be doing it should it? Also why can't I add my own Topic Tags? Cheers, Paul.
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