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  1. I believe I have correctly enabled the anti-theft feature. Can I test it without triggering some unwanted action? What is the procedure to test it?
  2. Thanks, I do have a multiple licenses for ESET and will continue to use it on my computers. Compared to the competing products I've tried in the past (guess which ones), ESET is the best.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have ordered my new Win 8.1 laptop for connecting to the outside world while doing my "work" on my isolated Win XP desktop. I'll let you know how it works out.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Arakasi, please elaborate on the following remark: "If you discontinue use of your browser, email, and usb storage devices on your XP machine..." All my data is on USB hard disks. I have two... one for primary data and the other is a backup copy which I make frequently, When I travel with my laptop I take the backup copy and if I make changes or additions to it, those I put on a USB flash drive for carefully writing back to the primary data drive. In other words, under my plan for going off the internet with my XP machine, the primary USB data drive would be isolated. So what about posting back to it any changes I may have made to the backup drive while connected to the laptop and the internet? Can you elaborate on the risks of contamination of the Win XP machine through use of USB storage disks as I have described?
  5. Thanks for the discussion. I have a proposed solution to enable me to continue using Win XP desktop and be protected (I think). It's simple... stop using my Win XP machine for internet access. Upgrade my laptop to Win 7 or Win 8 for internet access. Continue running ESET Smart Security on both machines. But I wonder if it will also be necessary to take the Win XP machine off my wireless home network in order to be protected against security threats from the internet. I'd still like to be able to share peripherals and move files between the desktop and the laptop. Surely there must be some setting that isolates the Win XP machine from internet access through the laptop and the wireless network.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked countless times already, but search didn't locate any answers. Simple question: does ESET Smart Security protection make it reasonably safe to continue using XP? I would like to avoid migrating to Windows 7, and I won't migrate to Windows 8 under any circumstances.
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