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    mhmd gave kudos to Marcos in Telemetry module EIS   
    That's most likely because the Antivirus and antispyware module 1559.1 has been released only to a portion of users with regular updates so far, with the rest to follow soon.
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    mhmd gave kudos to Marcos in Telemetry module EIS   
    Probably you've missed what was written above.
    The module concerns Customer Experience Improvement Program that you can OPT IN during ESET installation. For more information and for a list of what data is gathered, please refer to
    What types of information do we collect?
    Data about interaction with the product
    This information tells us more about how our products are used. Thanks to this we know, for example, which functionalities are used often, what settings users modify or how much time they spend using the product.
    Data about devices
    We collect this information to understand where and what devices our products are used on. Typical examples are device model, country, version and name of the operating system.
    Error diagnostics data
    Information about error and crash situations is also collected. For example, what error has occurred and which actions led to it.
    Why do we collect this information?
    This anonymous information lets us improve our products for you, our user. It helps us to make them the most relevant, easy-to-use and faultless as possible.
    Who controls this information?
    ESET, spol. s r.o. is the sole controller of data collected in the Program. This information is not shared with third parties.
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    mhmd gave kudos to Marcos in Telemetry module EIS   
    I confirm it's currently displayed only with modules from the pre-release update channel.
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    mhmd gave kudos to itman in Telemetry module EIS   
    The "Customer Experience Improvement Program" setting has no bearing on if the Eset telemetry module is installed. I have this setting disabled and the telemetry module is installed on my EIS 13.0.24 device.
    So the answer to this question:
    Remains unresolved.
    Perhaps it relates to pre-release update status? I have this enabled on my Eset installation. However, I believe this module is installed on all Eset installations unless manually or third party software removed. Are you using any third party privacy based software on the device that is missing the telemetry module?
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    mhmd gave kudos to Peter Randziak in Telemetry module EIS   
    Hello @mhmd,
    the module is related to "Customer Experience Improvement Program", the details are described at 
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    mhmd gave kudos to Marcos in firewall troubleshooting   
    See the firewall rules. The name of such rule commences with "Rule created by wizard".
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