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  1. Hello friends. LiveGrid is connected. but information is not available! Does anyone have this problem?
  2. thanks @Marcos@Peter Randziak@itman@SRT🙏🌺
  3. hello @itman I only using ESET since 2007 and i never use third-party privacy software. update setting is default and set on release channel. in this photo you can see other modules version on my laptop.
  4. Hello friends. Sorry, my english isn't good. I accidentally saw the telemetry module at the bottom of the installed component list.below the machine learning module. but on another my laptop this module is not listed on component list...! both products on the laptops are the same version (EIS13.0.24.0). what is this module and what does it do? I am grateful for your guidance.
  5. hello sorry about my english 3 days before, i used firewall troubleshooting wizard to unblock application. how i can see and monitoring created firewall exception or rule? (made by firewall troubleshooting wizard) if i want to block it again, what should i do? regards.
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