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  1. Never mind, I just found a message from ESET in my Spam file (came in a couple of hours ago) & think I'm good to go now. Thanks again!!!
  2. Sorry, Itman, you are talking to somebody who is not literate in this language. So, the version on my computer is the same as the one you posted above (spol s r.o.) Are you saying that the download for v12.2.30 is a download for ALL of ESET? So I can uninstall ESET from my programmes and upload v12.2.30, and it will be a new, spotless and undamaged version of the ESET I already have? I thought the download was just for one component of ESET. Please clarify--scared to do anything until I find out it's okay to totally uninstall ESET, and replace it with v12.2.30 Then I'll reboot. Thanks!
  3. I found only ESET in its entirety there, not v12.2.30. I didn't want to uninstall all of ESET, so I ran repair. When repair had finished, a notice came that the main GUI has stopped working & I guess it was removed by Windows. I don't even know what GUI is. And I could not uninstall then reinstall v12.2.30. Have I solved anything at all, or discovered any new & useful information? Thank you for your advice, Itman.
  4. Thank you, Marcos. I found v12.2.30 , which you have kindly uploaded here, but how do I uninstall it from my computer before reinstalling it? I don't want to do anything rash before being sure it's the right way to go about it.
  5. I went to the ESET icon on the taskbar (not sure what GUI is), and it says "You are protected." Does this mean that the warning on the flag icon in the taskbar was a mistake or false warning? It is also gone now. Maybe some ESET technical support person removed it? It never happened before (have had ESET for several years). Thank you for your advice on this point.
  6. I have a red warning sign on ESET in the task bar and a big red bar + message on ESET "Virus protection (Important) ESET Security reports that it is turned off. When I click on "Turn on now" nothing happens and the message won't go away.
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