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  1. Then how do you explain the fact that the ITMan solution worked?
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. As I have said, ITMan solution has worked; problem is solved on this client's side. Kindly solve it on the server side; and assume responsibility for the damages until that is done.
  3. I have never heard of CHM and have not run it; this is a pc used for personal activities. If it seems I have, can this be the result of a malicious activity in my computer. (Or being connected to a school network at times??) As his solution has solved the problem,ITMan's diagnosis is proven to be correct. According to which, my network resources were being consumed because ESET was trying to deliver Charon files in an infinite loop. So, it is a good idea to follow up on the above mentioned mystery case, but further assessment of the situation should be based on this diagnosis. And this diagnosis says ESET used my network resources because of a previously encountered, known bug. Under this conditions ESET naturally should offer to compensate for the losses, rather than offering to refund the license fee.
  4. Hello Marcos, With so far no recurrence, I can safely say that the problem of ESET gobbling up my network resources has been solved, thanks to ITMan. But I am left will couple of months' excess service provider bills and days lost wrestling with this problem. What is ESET's compensation policy in such cases? I would understand ESET not assuming responsibility related to malware as its work is probably on "best effort" bases, but in rare situations where ESET itself directly causes damage to the user, there should be a compensation.
  5. I meant this: " I never see any like activity since I am using a third party product to block most of its outbound activities. " I almost exclusively deal with office documents and do informational browsing, so was fine with a 6GB/month limit. That is why I noticed when ESET started using 1GB a day!!!
  6. I am still on Windows 8.1, though thinking of moving over to 10. The information will be handy then; thank you. Which third party toll are you using?
  7. The bandwith usage problem is solved thanks to ITMan; ESET is not gobbling away my network resources anymore. Yes, one of the questions was the number of udp connections. I understand it is high. Today at one point there were 9 udp and one tcp connections. What to make of it? The other two questions were related to suspicious activities observed while struggling with the bandwidth problem. What to make of them?
  8. I guess I will not be getting a response from ESET on the issues raised on my last post.
  9. Thank you so much ITMan, The application I use to track network usage captures Firefox activity quite accurately I believe. The strange thing was the divergence between what that application showed and what windows indicated. The divergence appeared several hours after I had logged in. I had left the PC unattended for a while; apparently it restarted by itself. There were changes like the network usage monitor was not on the startup tray, ESET network usage statistics had been reset, and there was a big jump in network usage indicated in Windows - not reflected network usage monitor. (The company says it may miss traffic from "UWP apps" - as far as i know i don't have any ) Anyway, it seems that it was a one time event; so far windows is not indicating activity not captured by the monitor. The steady network usage problem seems to have been solved thanks to you. Putting everything together, I think we have 3 issues at hand: 1- A suspicious event: A non user initiated restart accompanied by some changes in the device and network activity not captured by the network monitor. 2- Apparently unusual ekrn activity. Today there are fewer ekrn connections:4. Screenshot attached. I am trying to find out whether my router is "true IPv6" 3- And double thank you for it; suspicious activity by explorer.exe. Since this pc has been protected by ESET since birth, I guess all for are in ESET area. So I would appreciate comments from the ESET establishment as well.
  10. No relief... Now my monitor shows 40 MB, Windows 100MB usage. The monitor is tracking only TCP? TCPView shows several UDP connections by ekrn. Could it be continuing to send data...
  11. So the success came easy today because of hard work in the past
  12. Nothing to argue really; the fact that ITMan solved the problem in one shot based on previous experience shows that it is not the first time it has occurred. This PC has been protected by ESET since the first day, as far as İ remember. The least that can be (and should have been really) done i think is to detect on the server side anomalies such as a client sending the same files over and over again... Thank you again ITMan
  13. Thank you & Marcos for finally solving the problem. One cannot help wonder why ESET does not fix this problem if it was encountered before... It may not be a frequently encountered problem, but it is costly to the ESET user when it does happen. It cost me a lot of money in service provider bills and a lot of workdays of time. ESET can at least inform support teams better. I had 4 telephone & remote connection sessions with ESET Turkey trying to convince me there was nothing wrong with my system... Thanks again...
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