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  1. Great! Then nothing more can happen! :) Thanks to all of you and a nice rest of the weekend!
  2. Yes exactly, I meant. ;) Ok, then I know. Actually quite simple, if you know it. ;) I think that this option is meant
  3. Hello friends, sorry for my bad english, i am from bavaria/germany. I want to move from my old computer to a new one with my license from CIS, which runs until September. I read that you have to uninstall CIS on the old one first and then reinstall it on the new one. But my problem is that I don't have access to my old computer anymore. Thank you for your help Greetings from Munich
  4. Ok, this means that the firewall profiles can also be secured with the normal settings, but not individually. Thanks for the quick feedback!
  5. Hello, sorry for my bad English. Where is the folder of the self-created profiles for the firewall of Eset internet security? I often mirror my system and then I have to re-enter each time. I would like to outsource them. Thanks for your help! :) Greetings Hermann
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