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  1. I think so? I downloaded what was in your signature: FAQ: How do I use ESET Log Collector? I ran another test. Replaced filter binary to ordinary binary from disk and this is what I got: eis_logs.zip
  2. Thanks for the patience and assistance. Here you goScan Log.txt As for the Log collector, I dont know what went wrong, again. Let me know what else to attach
  3. Hi! Any idea what exactly is happening? I just finished scanning; no malware was found. I attempted to reinstall eset but it always stops at 12% before I receive the same installation failure note
  4. I clicked the view detailed results but it just showed me the 'viruses' it has detected.
  5. Hi, thanks for your fast response. Scanning has just finished. I reinstalled eset hoping it'd work this time but got the same message again. What could be the problem?
  6. Hello! I need help with the installation of eset. I keep having this error code even though I have reinstalled eset and restarted my laptop a number of times. I have also downloaded the installation fixer but it doesn't open (like something is stopping it?) Any help regarding this matter is highly appreciated. PS I initially have eset perfectly working on my laptop. What might have triggered this is I clicked something about junk files cleaner. PPS. Upon running Specialized cleaner, I was notified no malware was found.
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