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  1. Description: Custom identifiers Detail: In an environment where management of devices is mixed, it would be nice if there was a way to gather a custom value or provide a script that can return a custom value for display in the details of a system. In our case the built in identifiers are unreliable; hostnames are managed independently by different management parties, the IP reported is the IP assigned to the adapter (so when the server is behind NAT, it's not useful), mobo SNs don't get set by the manufacturer so just return N/A or a default 0123456789. So, for at least us, on setup, we add a custom registry or configuration value to our Windows or Linux systems for monitoring and tracking (it's also affixed to the physical box). Being able to have it retrieve a registry value or run a batch/bash script that'll return a value would be highly useful for tracking purposes. I thought about having each client run a custom command with the "run command" client task; however, as far as I can tell, it does not seem to record or return any information back to the server other than a success/failure. We've considered using this approach, but then posting that data to a logging site, but that then requires more port allowances, would be difficult to match up exactly, and is inefficient, so something built in would be preferred. TBH, I'm surprised there isn't just a way to return some custom information in general, as that seems like it would be in general really handy, not just in terms of computer identification, but giving admins the ability to check for different statuses of OS or other values as needed.
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