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  1. From what I've learned, there is no native way to handle the ESMC API in PowerShell, we are looking at building a .NET library that can be used in Powershell so we can access the API through that. But that seems a little more complicated than anticipated.
  2. We are managing all our system through N-Central, so we would like to do everything ESET through N-Central aswell. especially since this is what our tech guys look at all day.
  3. Hello @Peter Randziak We use N-Central, I have no knowledge of C++, but do know my way with powershell. So that is a bit of an issue for me. The documentation is for version 6.x not 7.x, also these days everybody uses powershell for everything, so why is ESET so far behind on this? I am aware of the ermm tooling. But it is (too) limited. EDIT: I did some testing, but as I said I have no knowledge of C++ so do you have an example that I can use in powershell?
  4. I'm trying to find information on how to use the ESMC API through Powershell. The documentation about the API seems to be severly out-of-date. Does anyone have any examples on how to work the API with Powershell? The goal is to run commands against the API from the clients, through our RMM using a powershell script.
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