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  1. Well, here you go : https://help.eset.com/efsw/7.0/en-US/silent_installation.html There's a link to the different language codes as well. BTW, I tried with the french "fr-FR" language codes, and no luck, the program still installs itself in english, not that I mind that much, though, but I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe my syntax...it looks like a "comma or not comma" kind of thing. Have a nice day, Thierry
  2. Thanks Itman ! As I am belgian, I of course picked the values for French(Belgium). Maybe this particular set of parameters isn't supported, I haven't checked. I'll give it a try for my next rollout. Thanks again. Thierry
  3. It works ! Thanks a lot for the info. I never achieved to find it in the doc, but maybe I went looking in the wrong places 🙂 Btw, I've got trouble with another set of parameters, namely language settings. I've added : PRODUCT_LANG=2060,PRODUCT_LANG_CODE=fr-BE in the msiexec but, the products installs itself in english... But maybe I should open another topic ? Thanks again for the valuable help ! Thierry
  4. Hi, Thanks for your answer. I guess I've mislaid you with my reference to NOD32, sorry for that. But our licence (I checked) applies well for ESET Endpoint Antivirus + File Security, my mistake. And indeed, I've been downloading the installer for that product (eea_nt64.msi) (sorry, french page). Hence my question about the unattended install, that I submit again. - to: EDIT : Funny that you mention the linux version. No, we are nearly 100% Microsoft here, apart from some of our servers and my own machine.
  5. Hi, I am IT manager of a school and I must deploy NOD32 Antivirus on 50+ computers. We don't use ERA and don't want to, as we're already using our own deployment tools (namely MDT and PDQ). So, I would like to be able to provide the license key in my installation command like : msiexec /qn /i eea_nt64.msi LICENSE_KEY=xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx But I don't think the possibility exists, or does it ? And even if I was able to provide a license file (that I'm not able to generate without ERA, right ?), I don't see anywhere a way to provide it in the install command. Is there a solution outside ERA ? Thanks in advance, Thierry
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