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    The Rectifier gave kudos to itman in Review Of Eset   
    My own opinion is your posting is inappropriate for this forum. You should be soliciting Eset user comments on your web site.
    Also security web sites such as wilderssecurity.com and malwaretips.com have sections for inquiries like this.
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    The Rectifier gave kudos to Rami in Virusradar signature database unclickable   
    I understand , I ask because I used to look at them from time to time
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    The Rectifier gave kudos to L0ckJaw in Introduce yourself   
    Hi All !
    L0ckJaw here, i am a Microsoft professional and living in the Netherlands.
    I am also a Malware tester for the Malwaretips community, and so far ESET did very good.
    Love ESET because of its lightness, great signatures.
    Keep up the good work!
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