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  1. I'm seeing a whole bunch of these entries in many of our Sonicwall's. It appears all the ip's being reported as the source are hosted by google. Are these false positives?
  2. As stated previously I noticed a big performance hit on my pc after installing only the agent. I had not even installed the anti virus product at the time but then later completed the installation. So for me the initial product that needs work is the agent itself. I like to think Eset will get it right eventually and if I had the time for troubleshooting I'd be happy to participate but I'm not able at this time.
  3. I spent the entire day yesterday setting up a new v6 ERAC and by late afternoon finally got to where I could push a v6 client install to my pc. Immediately after pushing the agent the performance of my pc dropped considerably. I continued and pushed v6 to the pc anyway. Performance was terrible. Google Chrome was so unresponsive I couldn't use it. There's no way I could deploy this product on our networks. I also don't have time to be troubleshooting problems for Eset. Don't even bother asking me to try something as I've already completely removed all v6 software from my systems. I'm reading some of the complaints here and I see all these suggestions to disable certain functions to get things running normally. This is not a solution in my book. This product is not ready for prime time. I'm very disappointed especially since our organization just spent a hell of a lot of money for a 3 year renewal. You folks have a lot of work to do and we will be running v5 for quite a while.
  4. In my opinion this is not really a bad thing to have a nag screen to get users to reboot at some point. Otherwise the system will not be fully utilizing the new configuration. You really wouldn't want a user to go weeks or months without utilizing all resources properly. Many users will likely ignore the warning anyway.
  5. Your screenshot shows that you are not connected to any servers. The top window showing "no data in this pane" should have your ERAS listed. Typically this would either be the machine name or the IP address of the machine. Are all your ports open on your ERAS system as directed in the manual?
  6. You can install a newer version on top of an older version, but if you are upgrading from v4 to v5 it might be best to uninstall the old first.
  7. If the problematic Windows XP pc's are using offline file mode, try entering an exclusion for c:\windows\csc\*.*
  8. If you install ERAS on a new server, you can scan your network from the remote install section. Then push a new install/config to the computers. Wouldn't this work?
  9. No practical reason, just my nature to keep things clean when and where I can.
  10. I tried this but the config file does not show the old server. Therefore there was nothing to edit or remove. It appears Marcos is correct. I found the registry setting listing the old server but I could not delete the value unless the computer was running in safe mode.
  11. I've changed to a different server running ERAS. I made changes in the policy manager and all clients are now pointing to and updating properly to the new server.The old server is no longer being used for ERAS. All the clients still have the old server in the list of update servers on their pc's. How can I remove the old server from the list of update servers on the client machines using ERAS console?
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