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    WhiteLTG received kudos from A.M.RAJ in Version   
    yes i will be looking for the new version public realse as well please¬†ūüĎć
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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to Alex21 in Eset Issue   
    When will be the official release and How to install the early access?
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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to heyyahblah in Notifications have disappeared?   
    Hey man, thank you for taking the time out and directing me to links to the other threads about this. I guess regarding what you said and what @itman posted this looks like my only way out.
    I guess I have no other option and I will just run the un-installer of ESET and remove it from my computer. Then I'm guessing a reset and visit the website and do a fresh install and just configure everything from there again from scratch and it will solve the problem? That is what worked for you?
    Thanks for the info about ESET not saving old installers. Since v12.2.29.0 is buggy and I don't have v12.2.23.0 saved anywhere I guess I will wait for a fixed update release? I'm guessing ESET is pushing a new version soon since so many people have posted issues with WNC and Windows 10 that they will be releasing an updated version soon. I'd rather fresh install from that version, I'll also be away from my main PC for a few days so hopefully I will be able to do something when I'm back and a new version will be out hopefully soon. 
    Thanks for the information on this and will keep you guys posted in this thread. Thanks for everyone that came out for the help. Appreciate it.   
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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to heyyahblah in Notifications have disappeared?   
    Oh wow. Yea I only update ESET when I get a notification that a new version is available then I click update and it asks me to restart and I restart and I figure all is well. I haven't re-installed ESET ever because I've had no reason to on my main PC. Oh wow, so the only solution is a clean install? Ugh. Is v12.2.23.0 still available? I don't want to upgrade to the latest version, as its buggy right now. 
    Thanks for letting me know you had similar problem, is that how you fixed it clean install only? Can you still export/import settings or no? I wish there was an easier way ... 
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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to Swamp Yankee in Notifications have disappeared?   
    I had the same problem as you, and I think it got borked during an in program version upgrade.
    So I'm gonna guess you did an in program version upgrade.
    I never noticed it until I was reading a post about someones problem with 'Desktop Notifications', and when I looked at my setup trying to find 'Desktop Notifications' it wasn't there, just 'Email notifications' just like yours.
    Fix-Do a clean install and all was good again.
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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to heyyahblah in Notifications have disappeared?   
    @Marcos Thank you for the quick reply. I am not sure what version you are using but I do not see that screenshot in my version of EIS v12.2.23.0. 
    I checked my interface and do not see those settings. 

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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to heyyahblah in Notifications have disappeared?   
    I checked everywhere and I don't have the Notifications menu like you do for whatever reason. It doesn't come up anywhere at all .... wth is going on? How would I lose the Notifications menu and only have it show email notifications. 

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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to itman in Notifications have disappeared?   
    Note that email notifications is a sub-section of Notifications:

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    WhiteLTG gave kudos to heyyahblah in Notifications have disappeared?   
    Has anyone been experiencing this issue or not. I'm using EIS v12.2.23.0 here and Windows 10 and I've come to notice that I don't get a notification message or sound beep from ESET anymore when modules are updated or when website URL's have been blocked for security reasons on certain websites. I have not made any changes to the advanced setup or disabled any notifications. 
    I even went as far as hitting the 'DEFAULT' button in advanced setup and ESET pop-up message said this will revert all settings to default, this action cannot be undone just to make sure I didn't un-check anything, so I restored to default and rebooted Windows and same thing. No notifications or sound notifications on updates or web page blocking. I purposely have been testing a websites that should show notification messages about being blocked and nothing is coming up by the action center on the bottom right as it should. 
    Is anyone else experiencing this issue of no notifications from EIS? This is on my main rig that I have not updated to v12.2.29 because of the bugs. I have left it at previous version but have noticed I am not seeing messages anymore. Suggestions?
    Thank you.
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