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  1. Just did another update ad the modules went from 15493 to 15495. I thought I'd try reinstalling Edge and... Hey presto: this time no malware detected!
  2. Tried again after detection module updated to 15492 and again with 15493, and Edge is still detected as malware. PlayProtect of course indicates "safe".
  3. FYI: * the version of Android System WebView is 92.0.4515.105 * the version of Edge (I think) was * the ESET detection module version was 15491
  4. This morning, after an update, ESET Mobile Security detected TrojanDropper.Agent.ILH in what I thought was a website on Android, so I clicked "remove". It turned out to remove Microsoft Edge. Edge had not recently been updated, but Android's WebView had just been updated. Is this a false positive, or is there an issue with WebView or Edge? BTW, a side effect of removing Edge is that I have lost all my shortcuts. Very annoying!
  5. There is a slight difference between the explanation in the Online Help and the Help Popup/Tooltip in Internet Security. The online help seems to suggest that a trailing * is required in order to exclude all files AND subfolders, whereas the Help Popup in the app implies that the asterisk (*) is not necessary. Please see attached screen shots. Could someone please let me know, categorically, which is correct? Is the single asterisk still required as it was in older versions?
  6. We seem to be having trouble identifying which windows are protected by ESET Banking & Payment protection. In Internet Explorer 11, for example, sometimes we see the thick green border, as well as the "SECURED BY ESET" flag near the top right. Sometimes, however, there is no border, but the word "ESET" appears prepended to the current page name, eg. "Account Summary - Internet Explorer" becomes "ESET - Account Summary - Internet Explorer". Is this enough to indicate we are protected, or do we need to see the thick green border and "SECURED BY ESET" flag at the top? Confused! Rob
  7. I recently upgraded two Android devices to EMS 3 and registered them with my.eset.com. I ran the test function on both devices, but only one completed. After a few days, the status of the other is still "Anti-Theft test started". Is there a way of restarting the test? The "Test" button is no longer available, and there is no activity available to download. Screen shot attached. Thanks in advance!
  8. It seems to cause other problems (Windows 7 64bit): Some shortcuts have their paths corrupted (usually prepended with C:\Users\blah blah) In my Eclipse Java development environment, ANT build scripts stop working (path and classpath corrupted) There could be other things... I have edited the environment variable and reduced it from 2079 spaces to 2000 spaces... so far so good.
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