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  1. Hi @itman, Thanks for your attention, I did all the steps provided in the Microsoft forums and also any possible manual cleaning steps as I knew, reset IE engine and etc. Except step 3, As I have already used my trial license whiles ago, I can't use Malwarebytes anymore, I was expecting when I've paid ESET Internet security, I don't need any Antivirus/Anitmalware anymore that's frustrating.
  2. Hi there, I have ESET Internet security for a long while and update it consistently, but recently I've got a strange malware named bwplayer, As I searched google, there was a guide how to remove it on Microsoft forum Accordingly I did a full scan, and it didn't find out anything, I also tried online scanner but it didn't detect anything neither. I checked the list of installed apps on OS and there was nothing suspicious, I trust all the apps there. Any advice? All the best
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