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  1. Hi Marcos, I have an update, I discovered that my case was an attempt of the FTCODE ransomware. Following the description given here I searched for all the features, but I found nothing, neither any file was encrypted, so I think it definitely didn't activate for some reasons. Do you agree ? Bye, Z.
  2. Thanks Marcos, when I opened the doc the first time no popup warning was displayed by Nod32, is it possible that something has been installed at that time ? After having realized this, I performed full scan with Nod32, Spybot s&d, Zemana, Malwarebytes and HitmanPro, but they didn't find anything serious. Can I consider my PC clean or I should perform a deeper analysis (and in case how) ? Thanks again, Z.
  3. Hi all, did nobody really face this situation ? Are all of those malware identified by virustotal dangerous or not ? Might there be a hidden ransomware with delayed activation ? Thanks and bye, Z.
  4. Hi, I have an update: I checked my computer with Nod32 and other 3 antivirus software, but all of them didn't find anything. Can I reassure myself about my PC being clean ? Is it possible that the suspicius file actually didn't take any action ? I attach the scan of the suspiciuos file performed on the www.virustotal.com web site. Thanks for any hint/suggestion. Z.
  5. Hello, my colleague got a password protected attachment from a customer email, she opened it (the content is a .doc file) but nothing happened. Then she sent it to me saying: "I cannot read this zip file", and I opened it too, with same result. Only after I realized that the email was probably a fake one ! 😞 After that I performed a full scan with Eset (Endpoint 5.0), but it didn't find anything. I tried to directly scan the ZIP file, but it is password protected so Eset can't analyze it. How can I check whether I got a malware ? If it might be useful I can upload the suspicious ZIP file. Thanks and bye.
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