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  1. Hi, We're using the older version, v7.0 yet. Thanks!
  2. Hi! In Ubuntu Bionic the OpenSSL version is >= 1.1.x (https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/openssl), and as documented, SMC Agent doesn't support this version. I was wondering if anyone have an idea on how to install the SMC Agent in this OS (or others that use by default a newer version of OpenSSL)? I know it is possible to install an older version of OpenSSL using manual compilation at least, but I was looking for cleaner ways of doing this. If I ask in distribution forums I'm afraid they will say it is old and not supported... 😐 Any idea is welcome. Thanks!
  3. That is a bit limiting, but yes, looking around in the forum we see a workaround (from you) it seems to be working! Thanks.
  4. Well, that seem to work, thanks! In that case wouldn't all other addresses also be blocked? If I open some HTTPS URL it works.
  5. Hi, I've created a policy to block a sample URL domain, however it seems to have the negative effect of blocking any HTTP access (permitting only HTTPS). While reading through the documentation it was not clear to me what setting is related to this behavior? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've a blacklisted URL for testing purposes in SMC Policy and it was applied in the computer as we can see from the image. This was working previously (correctly blocking access to the site even through a terminal curl command), however, now it is failing. Any idea why? Thanks
  7. I was looking for other ways of getting this information (knowing what commands were run by a certain user of SMC Console), do you have any suggestion? The audit provides runTask logs and change task logs, but no information on the command. Looking at specific computer details, we see a list of events but for the run task we can only see the most recent command assigned to the task. Thanks.
  8. From this guide: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/migration_assistant.html?clean_installation_same_ip.html I don't see any reference to DB configuration, do we use the same login/db as the old server? I'm assuming no information is lost in the DB when we start using the new server? Thanks.
  9. I've two cases, which are similar. 1) Fallback mechanism (active-active), from your comment it's not possible, OK. 2) Say I want to make an update on the server OS and for that I'll make a new server and install ESET SMC in it. Is there a way to make the transition from the old server to the new server without loosing data? Temporary offline is OK. I just recently saw this seems to be documented in https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/migration_assistant.html?migration_same_version.html, I'll need to make a more detailed read first to see if I've any doubts. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Is it possible to have two ESET servers (exact same version) running using the same DB? Thanks, Jean M
  11. Exactly, I was looking for a setting to configure that interval but couldn't find it. With your description I was able to find it and it was in fact set to 1min! Probably by mistake.. One suggestion. We noticed that run commands logged in this audit report are not showing what command is being executed (a detail information from the command), at least from what we know. This is an important audit information as you should understand. We'd say that this should show at least in the audit events related to when we change the run command user task configuration (that's when that information is set). Certainly it could imply changes in the amount of information stored in the audit. Thanks!
  12. Great. That's exactly what we wanted. I noticed that it logs a lot of: 2019 Oct 2 10:53:52 Update modules Update Modules successfully updated. Success System user system yes It is occurring every minute. Is it possible to filter out this message somehow? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I wanted to know if there is any audit log for the SMC that would contain for example: - User authentication on SMC server web interface - User actions like triggered tasks, etc. I tried to look in /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/trace.log But it is rather verbose and I couldn't find what I needed. Thanks, Jean Mousinho
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