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    arsini gave kudos to BaldNerd in Firewall suggestions   
    I don't see that as an unfair request. The addition of a column "Priority" would alleviate the issue. It would be sane from a UX perspective to allow clicking the headings to sort by Name, Enabled, Protocol, Profile, etc. with the addition of a new column, Priority. The headings even highlight when you mouseover, and UX principles tell the user that they should click to sort, but it doesn't... so it just seems broken.
    PS - ESET should change the forum Rank names. As far as I'm concerned, it appears as though @arsini was just trolled by an ESET Trainee 🤣 
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    arsini gave kudos to peteyt in Firewall suggestions   
    Not sure if that was an error ha but thought id add that i never made that comment in regards to windows firewall.
    As i mentioned and have mentioned previously as shown by the image bellow by default you cannot see the app name because "allow communication for" is shown even though there is an action area.

    Also as seen bellow previous versions had icons to help see rules

    As you said this seems to have happened when they changed to the metro design. Wonder if there was a way to show the app names with icons with the metro style design
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    arsini gave kudos to itman in Firewall suggestions   
    No because virtually all third party firewalls are part of integrated AV security suites these days. The only full-featured stand-alone firewall actively supported is Comodo's. The rest are old Win 7 versions with kludges applied to get them to function on later OS versions.
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    arsini received kudos from peteyt in Firewall suggestions   
    You can just add another column for the priority number of each rule. You can then sort the rules without affecting the priority.
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