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  1. Hello, I'm not sure i understand your answer. I installed Eset security products in Debian 10 normally, like a Debian 9 and all the others servers. The problem appeared after a reboot. So i wasn't in chroot, or maybe i misunderstood ? Thanks
  2. Hi, You found a solution ? I had the same problem on a Debian 10. I removed the last version of EFS and reinstall the old one, it's ok for now. Thx
  3. I don't know how but it's ok for one of them after install/reinstall, etc... But the second, still the same issue... And now, the third : And many of this : Secure boot was supported in the last installation and not now ? The server and efs are the same version of the others (this one isn't in the same hyperv -no uefi activated in the others) But i have 5 others centos servers to upgrade and i'm stuck for now... Examples of 2 others ones (CentOS updated but not EFS, still in version 7.0.1152.0 - it's the reason i upgrade EFS) : (Others servers on Debian 9 are ok)
  4. Hi, I wanted to upgrade my agent EFS and i have this problem on all my CentOS : I used the command : The previous version was 7.0.1152.0 Version of CentOS : CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 Thanks for the help.
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