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  1. Could i remove ESET altogether and reinstall it? Or would the results be the same?
  2. And fyi i performed an in depth analysis scan that stated all was well. I only noticed the problem upon receiving an e mail from ESET.
  3. ESET is not in the locked files list (it was) and yet it shows as an existing system app. I could not get a screenshot of device manager page but only Malware Bytes is showing. Thank you for your help. Its very frustrating to have a phone less than one month old behave in this manner. The top screenshot shows the chinese company that makes devices to intercept radio signals and they are always on here... Anyway thank you and have a good day.
  4. I have these screenshots. This is for a mobile device- not a computer. I chose ESET for its reputation.
  5. I thought I had. Once it is restored I will add again.
  6. As it says above, eset has been removed from my device manager and I don't know what to do. Help!
  7. Hi. just saying hello. i use apple, android and windows. i found the forum after registering. So far im reading some interesting stuff. i find it quite interesting ( and worrying) all of the security problems we are facing. ESET is my product of choice. it catches over99% of malware, viruses, etc. i like it!. its nice to meet all of you!
  8. i think people simply do not understabd the importance of two factor verification.
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