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  1. Same with Amazon app store, there the cost is £9.99 for one year (& I couldn't activate it so was useless on my Kindle Fire HD) on the Eset website, it was £12.99 for two years which was/is a better deal.
  2. I'd like to add that the version on the Amazon App Store has problems unlocking to the full version, I don't know whether it's been fixed yet but the solution is to purchase direct from Eset & get a better deal.
  3. Everything ok here on Kindle Fire HD, I did remove previous version then installed latest. Have you tried that?
  4. I doubt anyone who received an alert on their device would allow the app to install just to see what the result would be unless they were in a test situation. I've had warnings g of pua in games from the Amazon app store but eset hasn't detected it; Malwarebytes has which is worrying me on how good eset is.
  5. I use 1 mobile app to receive the newest version on my Kindle Fire HD but I would prefer to download from eset too. Surprised that the version on the official website isn't updated first.
  6. This is the sort of thing which can annoy consumers as unless they use a particular site (Google play) then they're not getting the latest version. And is the new Amazon version available in stores other than the US site? And if so how often will it be updated with the latest version or will users of Kindles be better staying with non official sites (1 mobile) to get the newer releases?
  7. Thanks for checking, yes you'd have to purchase from the Amazon app store to fully test the problem but it sounds like it's due to it being an old version. I would assume that eset would have to supply Amazon with a more up to date version. Yes ordering from the eset website was the only way to go for me but it isn't as up to date as I'd like to see it. The website version should imho be the first to be updated to the latest version & other stores later.
  8. Can't speak for the other Kindle users who experienced the same problem upgrading to the premium version via the Amazon app store but I did wonder whether the problem was due to not using my Amazon account email address to register the app at the time of setting up the free version prior to my trying to upgrade.
  9. Unfortunately as I previously stated, the Kindle Fire is unable to use the Google App Store hence why I bought & downloaded from eset direct.
  10. Just to clarify I removed the amazon version & installed the version from the eset website, it is this version I successfully upgraded to premium. The amazon version you have to unlock via their AppStore which failed to do so. If you could enter a unlock code bought from eset direct to unlock the amazon version that would be good.
  11. When I registered the amazon version it asked for an email address but didn't mention specifically that it should be the one connected to my amazon account, upon purchasing I was not asked for any amazon details only a pop-up asking how I wished to pay, payment went through but no license upgrade occurred & it gave the error message I mentioned previously. If you look on the App Store (UK certainly) you'll see several low ratings all due to this same problem.
  12. I do feel that I've made a mistake in purchasing the product & the lack of support I received on both this forum & from eset directly about the amazon App Store purchase was disappointing to say the least. The eset website only shows the version I currently have & there's been two updates since. The 1mobile site just shows it loading the download & not actually downloading, I suspect there's a problem with the site itself as I have problems with Facebook & twitter updates but other downloads/updates are fine. I'm in the U.K.
  13. I tried that version but when I paid to unlock it to the premium version it gave the error that the credentials were incorrect. Had to get a refund from Amazon as eset support couldn't find any transaction record under my amazon email address. I then bought a two-year subscription from eset directly. Tbh I'm surprised that the version downloaded directly from eset isn't the first to be updated but instead their version seems to never be updated. I even tried 1mobile but I can't download from there either & I'm now two updates/versions behind.
  14. Thanks for the reply but I use a Kindle which cannot use the Google play store so the only option is to download from eset directly.
  15. Any idea when the new version will be available via the eset website?
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