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  1. I have the paid version.......with real-time protection so this could be the issue. I will reinstall MBAM, rename the file & report back.
  2. Thanks for replys. I havent fully tested renaming both of the drivers as yet but I will report back as soon as I do. I read another thread on precisly this problem and user concerned mentioned that they had MBAM installed on their computer - could this be causing conflicts? Thanks again
  3. Ok, fair enough. I've just renamed both of them; I need to rename them one at a time? Disabling both of them causes the issue pictured. EDIT: I renamed 'ehdrv.sys' only which caused my system to lock up more i.e. less items displayed on the desktop.
  4. Hi Marcos, I will try this now & report back in a couple of days to see if it has remedied the problem. Surely ESET should be putting out updates/patches that don't require this sort of action by the end user especially when it's a paid for poduct.
  5. Shortly after booting up and after the desktop appears my PC occasionaly freezes along with the timer icon. I have to force restart a couple of times before the pc becomes usable. Also had this listed in Event Viewer: The ESET Service service hung on starting I've ran chkdsk along with other 3rd party HD drive checks Tried system restore Run virus/malware scans - nothing SFC /Scannow Can't see any exclamations in device manager The computer will always boot up in safe mode with no trouble at all I have uninstalled & reinstalled NOD with a thorough clean of its components in between. In safe mode: disabled the Eset service in Windows' service manager Uninstalled Nod using the Nods uninstaller Tried to find and delete Nod's ehdrv driver using device manager - it wasn’t there Uninstalled the pc worked fine, reinstalled again and the problem returns. I hope someone can help me with resolving this issue Windows 7 OS sp1 ESS7 ver. 7.0.302.26
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