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  1. OK found a solution. I've installed ERA, and got the Agent installer script for mac (below). I went to ECA and got the Agent installer for Windows ( the .ini file) replace: eraa_server_hostname with P_HOSTNAME eraa_server_port with P_PORT eraa_peer_cert_b64 with P_CERT_CONTENT Deploy/run the sh ... and all good to go Please correct me if i am wrong on this, or if there is a better way ESET, you really need to support this via ESET Cloud Administrator. #!/bin/sh -e # ESET Security Management Center # Copyright (c) 1992-20
  2. Hello everyone, We are using ESET for like around 5 years, and we were a small organization. Recently we upgraded our License, and It came with ESET Cloud Administrator (https://eca.eset.com). It was great to create "Live Installers" and install it on the users computers, it gave us very good insight. Now we grow a lot, 99% of our devices are Mac, so we moved to MDM Solution to manage the devices. and ESET installation was an issue. The "Live installer" failed because it's "non-flat" pkg file, as we were told by the MDM support. sudo installer -pkg epi_mac_live_in
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