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  1. Does any one else have the problem of your pc not shutting down when that option is enabled after scan with their win 7 pc and ess premium ? works for me with update but not with or earlier or,... so ???
  2. I can't believe no one else has sound signaled in so to speak about this issue, Ive been periodically coming here for the past year to check for this issue and this post is actually the reason why I registered here, and by the number of views this post has I would think there are others with this problem but ...? maybe just not enough people or problem for others to register and speak up ??? there just can't be only two of us, I am using ESS Premium and have been using ESS for years on my old win 7 64 bit comp.
  3. Well Pete12 I'm not to good or teksavvy at this but what I did is , 1) go to programs to uninstall or repair and click repair then restart , 2) go to advanced settings in setup, 3) go to update and enable ask before downloading update , then you just take the update engine and NOT product update , not the best explanation but hope it helps. I'm running old win7 64 bit computer.
  4. I've had the same problem for a long time, a year ? or close, and for sure was an ESS update.
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