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  1. 8 hours ago, eitanc said:

    Are you serious?! you tell me to which "correct" place I should go to find the changelog?!

    I just do a fast googling of "nod32 changelog" which brings me to this forum - which always has at the top any changelog for a new version. Why should you force me to go to the download page (when the app itself do the download...) to find the changelog at the time of distribution??

    A simple text paragraph that Eset can post in a few minutes anywhere on any of its sites and even 1 day before the actual release?? what is the problem stating "In the near day we will release a new version of ... with these changes..."?

    Did you even thought about adding the changelog text or a link to it - to the binary announcement at the client software? Think what is best for the customer!

    This is SO unprofessional! What is wrong with you people? get your stuff together!

    What a drama about a changelog, ESET software is not going to explode your PC, calm down.

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