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  1. Apologies if this is in the incorrect forum, but is is RA related - if it's improper, Mods, please put in the proper place. I'm looking at converting my licenses over to work with ECA vs ERA. I'm enjoying the platform, however, my reseller (in the US) has been unable to provide me pricing, as it apparently hasn't been released. Any ETA on when licences can be converted or ECA can be purchased for use beyond trial licencing? Thanks, segFault
  2. I've JUST started going through the documentation, after my test client/agent installs were completed, and haven't seen any of this in the documentation: 1. two factor authentication. 2. ability to use other servers (vs being assigned to 1, and not changeable), for redundancy if one... drops.
  3. Hi Peter - Thank you for the heads up. Is there a changelog for between .2025.x and .2031.x?
  4. From what I've experienced, (I've ran into this with .2228, and FS 4.5.12005) - I've never been able to narrow it down to an application issue, myself - typically something with the definitions, normally on the server side. Is your CPU charge for ekrn.exe also holding at about 50%, or is that not an issue? Regards, segFault
  5. I tried downloading EES 5.0.2225.0 x64, and was presented with 5.0.2228.1 x64 - which is all good.... Is there a changelog available?
  6. Latest is shown under Server Options --> General (e.g. if latest signature db downloaded is 1000, it shows 1000), affected clients show a prior release in the ERA Console (e.g. signature database 950), the GUI (not ERA console, but user's computer) shows the latest signature db is installed). Hopefully this makes sense. Otherwise, when I get a few minutes I'll provide screenshots as requested.
  7. Marcos - Different. Server options shows latest downloaded signature. Affected clients show outdated signature version via ERA console. Affected clients show that they have the updated signature in the local GUI (ESS .2225.0). Patrick - Info to follow. Appreciate the help to diagnose! segFault
  8. All of the clients are new installs. Installing config is default (haven't made any changes) - I'll be shooting you a PM by EoD. segFault
  9. I've been running into random issues after upgrading to 5.1.38 (from 5.1.34), where some of my clients (EES 5.0.2225.0) don't report back to my ERA Server with current information. For example, my ERA console reports that A,B,C,D don't have current virus definition updates, even though they reported back to the server within an acceptable timeframe. If I manually check the definition updates on those clients, they're updated to the latest and greatest, per the GUI. I've restarted those affected, and beyond the initial connection to the ERA Server, they don't report back again. Thx, segFault.
  10. See if the email address you used has a period (as it shows above), if it does, remove the period and resend. if it was sent as 'samples@eset.com.' it likely failed due to the period. Regards, segFault
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