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  1. Thanks for the help. I found the error. I hadnt updated the username and password. The email I got had the username/password on the same line and it confused me. Got it figured out and updated.
  2. I can't open that file type, but I either way, I also can't find any window to input the key. Been searching through the ESET help section, because I figured there has got to be somewhere to enter the updated key. I appreciate your help.
  3. I'm attempting to activate the renewal license key. It shows that it will expire soon (in about 3 weeks), but we have paid for a renewal of ESET NOD32 services, and have been emailed the new key. When I open the ESET program on the server, the date still shows the expiry date as ending at the beginning of October. I followed the instructions given on the website "You can change your license in the main program window. To do so, click Help and support > Activate License and enter the license data you received with your ESET security product into the Product activation window."
  4. Hi, I am having difficulty updating my license key on our business server. I have the new key, and have followed the instructions given on the ESET website, but have not been able to complete this task. Any tips?
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