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  1. Hello! Marcos!

    Please for feature ESET.

    Automatical Setting Low from to Paranoidal Scanner, Protection, and other.  Malware removal to maximal setting,

    -Maximal Setting 

    -Normal Setting 

    -Low Setting.


    And , please Design Eset .



    That's is desing 9 to 12 ....  thats is 3-4 years.  


    Please new Design for Eset is  black windows and center static and other ..  


    feature Automatical Setting to button  download :

    Eset Internet Security Maximal -  this is Setting for Maximal installer , and maximal protection for home.

    That's is right and save protect and block ransomware for maximal.  It is important for people


    Last eset is 12 version is random (standart setting install).  Please feature to  button to Maximal setting (automatical setting Scanner, Internet Browser to safe protection, disable camera etc).



    That's is  Innovation Eset technology.


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