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  1. Hi. I have this interesting issue. I upgraded on all macs ESET to version 6.10.300.1. On two computers I discovered this strange behaviour. If user want to open some website everything is block in browser. In firewall I have allow all local subnet communication. Other applications which need to communicate out or in are working - Skype, Mail, Team Viewer, etc. So this issue is only related to web browsers. I created on that two computers special rule for Chrome, Safari and nothing it didn't help. I tried interactive mode and nothing is blocked :D One user reported this - after macOS restart everything were unblocked and worked. After wake up mac from sleep mode was again Safari, Chrome blocked. Can be some bug in 6.10.300.1 version of Endpoint for OS X? If I turn off firewall via ESMC everything is working OK. There must be some issue with firewall in ESET on macOS.
  2. Solved Thank you. There wasnt full path to application! Thank you again MArcos
  3. This screenshot is from ESMC console. About blocking application -> I don't know what do you mean?
  4. Hi guys, I have this problem. I am not able block for example chat application or steam application on mac via ESMC. I am shure I have it defined ok. Can you help me with this? Thank you very much
  5. Hi guys, I installed new ESMC server (Ubuntu server). Currently ESMC server is on Windows old machine. I set all basic settings and create a new policies. Today I tried to migrate a two test computer from "old" ESMC server. Migration was successfull but I have problem with one device. On that device is not possible assign any policy. I don't know how is that possible but I dont have any idea how to fix it. If I download configuration from that device settings was completely empty I tried move it to another static/dynamic groups and nothing. It is really strange. Same problem with one computer which I installed via normal installation and moved to group and nothing policy was not applied. Strange. What do you think where can be a problem? I don't have installed on that Linux server Apache HTTP PROXY. Do you think is it possible it can be caused by this or you have idea where is the problem? Thank you very much
  6. Solved thank you I used web control rule and HIPS but on macos it not possible via this way.
  7. Yes. But before you start torrent downloading you need to find that .torrent file for example.
  8. I blocked these apps via Web control. Web access protection feature I would like to use for blocking downloading some dangerous files but it not working. I created rule for decline downloading all torrents -> **.torrent Everything checked I have turn on SSL and HTTP/HTTPS. Do you know where can be a problem?
  9. I want block only 20 address and other I want allow. I don't want collect list of allowed url address
  10. Because I would like to block only a few address and others allow and keep ESET analyse it by itself. So I think for me will be better go via Enable Web control feature?
  11. Yes, I know what about URL Address Management feature? For example If I turn this feature on and fill List of blocked addresses and I noticed almost everything is blocked via ESET Is better for this purpose (blocking website which for any purpose) use Enable Web control feature? Thank you very much!
  12. Hi. Which is the best way how to block via ESET specific websites? I know you can do this via these two options: Web control or via Web access protection. If I turn on web access protection ESET blocked lots of non dangerous websites. So it is better create a block rules via Web control option? It is very bad because via Web access protection you can block downloading specific files, etc. Thank you for your help.
  13. So via which way I can somehow block on mac application? Can I block it on firewall?
  14. Hi. Which is the best way how to block via ESET ESMC Console applications on macOS? On Windows it is easy via HIPS where you can define way what to block but on mac is not HIPS. So my question is how is the best way how to block applications on mac via ESMC? Thank you very much
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