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  1. I want to receive an alert when an object is quarantined. I already get alerts when a threat is detected but I want to make sure it was dealt with as well without entering the console everytime and not having to open my laptop.
  2. User permissions haven't changed. I'm pretty confident ESET policy just need to be tweaked since UAC prompts we're working like I mentioned. Documentation hasn't been much help.
  3. The PDQ IP and ports were whitelisted last week. We can't pause because of another issue existing with override policy, opened a thread here: Thanks Edmund, we already whitelisted actually and when removing ESET PDQ works fine.
  4. We have a PDQ deploy server that is not able to deploy to laptops after ESET is installed. I cannot ping or push software to laptops after ESET is installed. What ESET policy could be blocking this?
  5. Hi, I cannot get override to work properly. It was giving UAC prompts initially which is what we want and has stopped working! So of course I started to adjust the settings and I only get the below error message now "Not authorized" Any advice? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. My alert and messages boxes look identical. so I needed to disable to 2 settings in User Interface < Access Setup for this to work. I marked them below, now I can pull up the UI and settings are setting off a UAC prompt. Is the expected behavior?
  7. I have the policy set to minimal which states "The graphical user interface is running, but only notifications are displayed to the user." currently, no notifications are showing and no one but admin can open the GUI which is the behavior for silent start mode. I have tried reinstalling on an affected computer.
  8. Hello, The ESET endpoint security is unable to load the User Interface. When a user tries opening from the system tray or program list clicking to open does nothing. see the screenshot attached, I only changed the start mode policy to silent. I changed back to minimal 2 days ago and still cannot open. Is there a different policy that would affect this? Thanks
  9. itman thank you for that, but that is not the issue I'm describing. My issue is why when prompted, why isn't the allow button allow the connection? I understand I can just dump a ton of whitelist in and make exceptions. That was always clear, I just want to know why when I hit allow I am getting the same prompt. FYI, firefox is not what I need help with. the actual notification and prompt not working is the issue here.
  10. sure, I enabled SSL filtering, enabled interactive mode. And then attempted opening slack, outlook and google chrome. all were asking for action to take (ignore, allow) to be clear, the firefox screenshot is just an example of what the prompt looked like and nothing else. I cannot replicate because leaving interactive mode enabled, and the allow action not working basically made my computer unusable. apologies but I cannot reanable until we figure it out.
  11. Marcos, so let's leave the self signed off the table then. I am simply testing features at this point and want to know why selecting "remember action for this certificate" and allow prompts brings up the same prompts constantly. I did punch in admin credentials after clicking allow. below is an example, I did double check and the cert and application (even PID) were exactly the same when the prompt returned.
  12. But giving interactive mode the exception still would not let the program presenting it with the Cert open up, the same cert prompt would show. How can I troubleshoot this?
  13. Interactive mode If you enter a new SSL protected site (with an unknown certificate), an action selection dialog is displayed. This mode allows you to create a list of SSL certificates / applications that will be excluded from scanning. Interactive Mode for SSL/TLS policy brings up the action dialog box. This in turn let's the user select an action, then a UAC prompt comes up but even after entering the admin credentials, the user kept getting the same exact dialog for the same program for the same certificate/exception. over and over... Because of this the user was unable to get into outlook, internet explorer, chrome, basically they could not do any work until I disabled the policy in the console. Could someone explain why the action was not sticking?
  14. Martin, on your advice I've added this hostname to DNS. will adjust server tasks to reference hostname Now a question, for server tasks... can you confirm if ESET attempts to use server IP if hostname is not reachable?
  15. Can't resolve a host and cannot ping the machine. Martink, this VM was setup using a preconfig Linux VM from ESET website. Are VM's not pingable by default?
  16. status and log are attached, looks like it's not talking. I was able to push the agent via a server tasks. would a firewall exception need to be made even though the agent was able to be installed with the ESET console? ESETagent_tracelog.txt
  17. I've attached a tracelog but it seems pretty empty, where can I find log info? and no errors, it just looks like the software install is doing nothing. We tried a scheduled job and ASAP. neither worked. tracelog.log
  18. Hi Marcos, thank you for the prompt reply. I am trying to deploy to a computer with the Eset management agent already installed, but it's stuck on planned.
  19. I am not able to push ESET security software from the console. The status screens shows no activity and the trigger was set to ASAP and to use the client timezone. Please help!!!! see the image below for the status screenshot. Thanks
  20. Haha, was going to recommend that. Thank you for that. now I keep hearing about the next release, coming this year. is there a ETA or when it's done baking in the oven?
  21. See the screenshot attached. all of the policies have this issue and that little lock shown.
  22. Account permissions don't apply in my case i believe, to clarify I am the admin and I use the original admin account. not one created for me, would be weird if that didn't grant full access, no??
  23. Hi all, first post here. want to know why my policies become read only? I am the admin of the Management console, so logging in should give me rights to adjust policies? Am I missing something. thanks.
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