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  1. @itman - that is the approach I will take. thank you for your help.
  2. @Marcos Disabling "...client plugins" also make Outlook respond within a few seconds of launching. Did not check the protocol filtering option. Q: between your suggestion and itman's, which would be the preferred method and why?
  3. @itman your solution works. Outlook now contacts the POP3 server and begins downloading withing a few seconds of launching Outlook.
  4. Doing this results in Outlook contacting the POP3 server and downloading messages within 6 seconds or so. Clearly, turning off AV is not something I intend to do! And as I'd stated earlier, if this is typical behaviour then I'll deal with the inconvenience. Just wanted to see if it was something that I was doing that could be easily corrected. -Chris
  5. Temporarily disabling email protection has no positive impact on the speed at which Outlook checks and downloads messages from the POP3 server. Sits ion this state for up to 1 minute or so. This is where I went to temporarily disable Outlook integration:
  6. I receive mail using POP3, no Exchange integration at all. Disabling integration with Outlook restores expected performance. I have not tried temporarily disabling scanning of incoming mail, I will do so and report back.
  7. Environment: Microsoft Office Professional 2016 running under Windows 10 Professional with latest updates. Outlook Version 1907 (Build 11901.20218 click-to-run) Eset NOD32 Behaviour noted: When initially starting outlook the application takes up to 90 seconds to begin the send/receive mail process. If I disable NOD32 and restart Outlook it begins to check email very quickly, perhaps 120 seconds or less. I note that this is not new behaviour, Outlook has done this under NOD32 for as long as I can remember. Although this is only an annoyance, I would like to be able to correct this if possible. My apologies in advance if this question has been asked and answered; I did try several search terms but could not find a suitable match. regards, -Chris
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