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  1. Always thought green for evil money, and red for pretty sunrise and sunsets.😂
  2. So the if the checkmark was red I should be concerned, not the little people. Thanks for clarifying this for me! Now retrying beta 2, I have "green people", must have been the first to try it out.
  3. Every update (many), reputation was good. Because reputation changed, beta 2 can't be trusted?
  4. Why has the reputation for AdguardSvc.exe changed after updating adguard to beta2? Has always been good before.
  5. An IP country blocker. Like OA Armor, developed by Australian company (Tall Emu), until the program was sold to Emsi Software GmbH .
  6. Maybe, good advise if you have money trees growing in your back yard. Why dish out money to keep in line with Eset? I know SSD are cheaper now, for people that can afford them. Why not have the option of Startup Scanning as: LOWER, NORMAL & AGGRESSIVE ? Very good suggestion.
  7. Seems like the top people in this forum are trying to push Win 10, not just MS. I respected these members until they became sales people for win10. Using win7 they say; it's time to upgrade, over and over. I haven't updated win7 in years never been hit by any malware. Please, win 7 will be around along time, way after Eset stop's the support. I like 7, it's fast, not a hundreds out-bound connections like 10, trying to gather your data. Some people just don't care about privacy, so now there is 10. Yes win 10 might be more secure for the average person that might visit bad sites, and open attachments, download any file. But if your somewhat smart about what not to do, you will most likely be safe. Without being looked after by big brother (MS).
  8. Thanks for the information. I just think it is strange to have the telemetry module showing sometimes depending on the kind of updates received. "The question is if in PRU mode is opt-out from Customer Experience option being overridden?" Itman is right, this question is more important. I will leave it at that. Thanks again.
  9. I did opt out. Why is the module present when using pre-release update channel? Even though I opted out through advance settings and when installed. NOT there using regular update. Just tested using "Regular updates"
  10. Be interesting what all is being sent home, having that module listed using pre-release update channel. Might switch back to regular-update just to not have the telemetry module. Why would they need a telemetry module to check the version, which is already checked in regular-updates?
  11. Bleachbit or CCleaner, with Winapp2, works great to keep those Eset logs from building up. No problems here, doing this. I can keep diagnostic logging enabled or clean them when needed. Must be done in safe-mode. Wouldn't recommend the latter, due to the take over from Avast (google to see) The link: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/
  12. My list is not that big, maybe a couple of hundred in each rule (2 rules). No impact noticeable.
  13. I did cut the list in half, made 2 firewall rules, it looks normal now not muddied up like in the screen-shot. Thanks.
  14. Copied and paste the ip in the browser. I noticed it changed to https:://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with the https::// in front. Said it was blocked. So it is only blocked outbound, not inbound?
  15. I tried it, worked for me. Entered all ip's as you instructed above, and it blocked, said; blocked by user list.
  16. Does not slow my connection down at all. In fact it is faster with EIS than all the other firewall I have used. Using PrivateVPN , with AES-256-GCM encryption. Use to use Windscribe (life-time license), but do not trust or like it at all in my opinion.
  17. Time;Event;Action;Source;Target;Protocol;Rule/worm name;Application;User 11/3/2019 2:22:08 PM;Communication denied by rule;Blocked;;;TCP;Deny communication for svchost.exe/CryptSvc;C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe;NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE I blocked without trouble. Would like to know why it is trying to connect. Should it be blocked? Thanks.
  18. I use a VPN no problem at all. Just not Winscribe. Stopped using Winscribe, I do not trust them, plus don't like their stupid little immature remarks like when uninstalling, or any changes. Stupid me bought a life-time license from them.
  19. There are 3 different connections that sound Innocent, but I trust no one. My tin-foil hat is charred. That live-grid sound like a way to collect ip address. No wonder you can buy this so cheap on e-bay. Sounds fishy: "If you look at the change log for 12.2.23 you may noticed a new addition "Added: New Telemetry settings collected from our users" For some reason It's only written when you look for it at download page and click on 'Configure download', and I don't see anything about telemetry in recent change log which was posted here in forum few days ago." Sure the sound of protecting Privacy sounds great, but what about the the company (ESET) that states this? You know Telemetry.
  20. Thanks, missed that. If I have rules written by me and changed to learning mode would they be over written? Still confused about difference between auto and smart modes. I take from Marcos, that smart might be a little bit more secure?
  21. I got one alert in smart-mode: User rule: allow PrivateVpn.exe, the only one. So what's the verdict are they the same, useless, or what? No definitive answer. This question was not answered, "Second, are rules I create, saved and used in all of the modes??? Thanks
  22. Search, no definitive answer. What is most secure? •Automatic mode – Operations are enabled with the exception of those blocked by pre-defined rules that protect your system. •Smart mode – The user will only be notified about very suspicious events. Second, are rules I create, saved and used in both these modes?
  23. Wonder why this address (fr.a2dfp.net) shows, when eset asks about local traffic? All programs that want local host shows fr.a2dfp.net That address is the first one listed in the MVPS host file. I do have "Allow all traffic within the computer" disabled/unchecked. Win 7 64
  24. Would be very cool if Eset offered just the firewall alone, most other features are useless for me. I know you can disable components. To many settings to go through, although I like all the settings. Please, just the firewall. 🙂
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