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  1. Always thought green for evil money, and red for pretty sunrise and sunsets.😂
  2. So the if the checkmark was red I should be concerned, not the little people. Thanks for clarifying this for me! Now retrying beta 2, I have "green people", must have been the first to try it out.
  3. Every update (many), reputation was good. Because reputation changed, beta 2 can't be trusted?
  4. Why has the reputation for AdguardSvc.exe changed after updating adguard to beta2? Has always been good before.
  5. An IP country blocker. Like OA Armor, developed by Australian company (Tall Emu), until the program was sold to Emsi Software GmbH .
  6. Maybe, good advise if you have money trees growing in your back yard. Why dish out money to keep in line with Eset? I know SSD are cheaper now, for people that can afford them. Why not have the option of Startup Scanning as: LOWER, NORMAL & AGGRESSIVE ? Very good suggestion.
  7. Seems like the top people in this forum are trying to push Win 10, not just MS. I respected these members until they became sales people for win10. Using win7 they say; it's time to upgrade, over and over. I haven't updated win7 in years never been hit by any malware. Please, win 7 will be around along time, way after Eset stop's the support. I like 7, it's fast, not a hundreds out-bound connections like 10, trying to gather your data. Some people just don't care about privacy, so now there is 10. Yes win 10 might be more secure for the average person that might visit bad sites, and open attachments, download any file. But if your somewhat smart about what not to do, you will most likely be safe. Without being looked after by big brother (MS).
  8. Would be very cool if Eset offered just the firewall alone, most other features are useless for me. I know you can disable components. To many settings to go through, although I like all the settings. Please, just the firewall. 🙂
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