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  1. My list is not that big, maybe a couple of hundred in each rule (2 rules). No impact noticeable.
  2. I did cut the list in half, made 2 firewall rules, it looks normal now not muddied up like in the screen-shot. Thanks.
  3. Copied and paste the ip in the browser. I noticed it changed to https:://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with the https::// in front. Said it was blocked. So it is only blocked outbound, not inbound?
  4. I tried it, worked for me. Entered all ip's as you instructed above, and it blocked, said; blocked by user list.
  5. Does not slow my connection down at all. In fact it is faster with EIS than all the other firewall I have used. Using PrivateVPN , with AES-256-GCM encryption. Use to use Windscribe (life-time license), but do not trust or like it at all in my opinion.
  6. Would be very cool if Eset offered just the firewall alone, most other features are useless for me. I know you can disable components. To many settings to go through, although I like all the settings. Please, just the firewall. 🙂
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