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  1. I use a VPN no problem at all. Just not Winscribe. Stopped using Winscribe, I do not trust them, plus don't like their stupid little immature remarks like when uninstalling, or any changes. Stupid me bought a life-time license from them.
  2. There are 3 different connections that sound Innocent, but I trust no one. My tin-foil hat is charred. That live-grid sound like a way to collect ip address. No wonder you can buy this so cheap on e-bay. Sounds fishy: "If you look at the change log for 12.2.23 you may noticed a new addition "Added: New Telemetry settings collected from our users" For some reason It's only written when you look for it at download page and click on 'Configure download', and I don't see anything about telemetry in recent change log which was posted here in forum few days ago." Sure the sound of protecting Privacy sounds great, but what about the the company (ESET) that states this? You know Telemetry.
  3. Thanks, missed that. If I have rules written by me and changed to learning mode would they be over written? Still confused about difference between auto and smart modes. I take from Marcos, that smart might be a little bit more secure?
  4. I got one alert in smart-mode: User rule: allow PrivateVpn.exe, the only one. So what's the verdict are they the same, useless, or what? No definitive answer. This question was not answered, "Second, are rules I create, saved and used in all of the modes??? Thanks
  5. Search, no definitive answer. What is most secure? •Automatic mode – Operations are enabled with the exception of those blocked by pre-defined rules that protect your system. •Smart mode – The user will only be notified about very suspicious events. Second, are rules I create, saved and used in both these modes?
  6. Wonder why this address (fr.a2dfp.net) shows, when eset asks about local traffic? All programs that want local host shows fr.a2dfp.net That address is the first one listed in the MVPS host file. I do have "Allow all traffic within the computer" disabled/unchecked. Win 7 64
  7. Would be very cool if Eset offered just the firewall alone, most other features are useless for me. I know you can disable components. To many settings to go through, although I like all the settings. Please, just the firewall. 🙂
  8. No effect. Reset to Eset to defualts. Also reinstalled from scratch (using the Eset cleaning tool) same results. I thinking there was some Eset update that caused this. Worked after the program update then about a week later this came into effect. No other new programs where installed, just usual (programs all ready installed) updates (No Windows updates).
  9. This made the alerts flash slower, still to fast to reply. Using this logic, turned it to "warnings" no change from "Diagnostic".
  10. They won't let me, Tried and they said : " We apologize for the inconvenience. Our office can only provide support for licenses that are associated with the U.S. or Canada region." So I am assuming the product is different in different countries. Their loss. Moved on to a product that has great customer support. Eset sure doesn't have. Can't wait for their slow ways to fix something MAJOR.
  11. Have to join in when I saw this thread. Same problem. Window 7 64, Eset was working a few weeks ago, without this flickering of asking about a connection. Can't even read it is so fast. Interactive mode (firewall). Happens, with Mail Washer pro 6.5.4 (old version) and "Internet Download Manager" I uninstalled, went back to my other Firewall. I was beginning to like Eset Internet security. No support ticket, it was like a circus just to join this forum. Wont reinstall until this is fixed. Major Problem for me!
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