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  1. Thanks Mr. Goretsky for bringing to supports attention. They have emailed a new password and I printed and saved with my disc. Thanks again.....
  2. I check all junk/spam before it is deleted from the folder. I use 2 email addresses and used both with the link you provided and still no response.
  3. Thanks Arakasi, I used the link you provides a couple of days ago and no response. Just tried again. Nothing. "You could try to copy the user/pass from the setup-tree on the PC that have ESET installed....and paste it, save it, and transfer it...." I suggest you try and copy your password and report back to us.
  4. I had a computer crash and lost my password. Requested password be sent to me when trying to do another install. Couple of days and still no email from eset. Serious problem with their support. Don't lose the password or your screwed. I'm done with ESET and will use the free Security Essentials.
  5. I purchased eset security pack and installed on 1 pc (allowed up to 5). I wasn't able to retain my password to activate additonal copies. I emailed support requesting they send the password, no reply. I installed on a laptop and when it asked for activation I entered my email address requesting password to be sent, no reply in two days.
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