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  1. Ok, nevermind, I installed the agent and upgraded the server with the "Security management center components upgrade" ta, it completed successfully. But now I have server v 7.1 and web console v 7.0. I get this warning and I do indeed experience errors and unexpected behaviour. Mainly, this (this is on the "Threats" screen). Rebooting the system didn't help.
  2. Ah, looks like it's a misunderstanding on my part. I have to install the agent on the server with ESMC as well? That's pretty strange, if it's a necessary component, then why isn't it installed out of the box along with ESMC straight away? Oh well, ok. So, as soon as I install it, the notification should pop up? Anyway, how should I go about it, deploy the agent from the server onto itself? As for the agent communication problems, I'll figure this issue out after I've updated the server. Maybe it'll go away on its own after that.
  3. This manual https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/update_product.html says I need to click the "Update product" button in the "Help" menu, but there's no such button there. I have So there should be an update available, right? Is there some other way to update the server? I've updated the client agents to the latest version and now they seem not to be working communicating with the server correctly. I'm having the same problem as here: httpsg://forum.eset.com/topic/21520-new-agent-does-not-work/ It's said I should update the server, so that's what I'm trying to do. The OS is Debian 9.
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