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  1. One would think it's pretty basic stuff, but I can't get it right. So, I have a computer with an IP address of 10.X.Y.Z and mask 24. I've tried templates "IP subnet is equal to 10.X.Y.0" and "IP address is greater than 10.X.Y.1 AND IP address is less than 10.X.Y.254". I assume the computer should automatically fall into the group, right? Yet it doesn't. I don't understand.
  2. I see, gonna try doing that tomorrow. Thank you!
  3. Ahhh, I think I finally get it. Instead of making settings on individual clients, I should create individual policies which would contain only this specific setting overriding that of the main policy. Is this how it's supposed to be done?
  4. Yes, I got that, but I need the rules to be editable on clients, so what do I do then? PS Sorry for the mess with the links, I was editing that out, but you've replied already, so there's no point I guess.
  5. Thank you for your reply, Marcos, but as I said, what you're suggesting doesn't work either. I'll just illustrate what I'm doing: 1. Before I do anything: hxxp://puu.sh/E8f9v/594d86f669.png 2. After I click "Edit": hxxp://puu.sh/E8fcG/52cfbdde72.png 3. I add a rule hxxp://puu.sh/E8fdi/28a413cbf1.png hxxp://puu.sh/E8fdw/891ddd384a.png 4. I click "Save". Voila, the rules are not editable on clients hxxp://puu.sh/E8fe3/f7408cc858.png 5. I click the icon you've marked as "2" hxxp://puu.sh/E8ff3/ea3b2bc041.png 6. And then "OK" in the warning window hxxp://puu.sh/E8fg4/eb1412ed21.png 7. The rule is still there if I press edit hxxp://puu.sh/E8fjb/8cb2fdf26a.png Ok, so I'm happy, I press "Finish", get "Policy saved" message, horray. However, if I try to edit it again, guess what, here's the rules window: 8. hxxp://puu.sh/E8fkw/eb3db2d2e3.png And no, if I apply the policy for some client machine, even before step 8, the rules are not editable. That's why I'm kinda confused.
  6. I'm trying to create a device control policy that is as follows: 1. All usb storage devices are blocked by default on the clients. 2. On some individual clients some particular usb storage devices (specified by their serial numbers) are allowed either for read-only or for full access. 3. On some individual clients all usb storage devices are allowed for full access. When I tried doing it on a local machine with Endpoint 7 installed, I created multiple rules: one that blocks all usb storage devices and several others that allow certain devices. I placed the blocking rules at the bottom of the list and everything worked as intended. But now that I'm trying to create a policy in ESMC, I've run into strange issue. What I'm trying to do is block all devices via the policy and then allow certain devices on client machines individually. The settings on local machines are password-protected, so they won't be editable just by anyone. But as soon as I create a blocking rule, the setting becomes uneditable for clients. If I try to make it editable for clients, the rule vanishes and I get a warning: > Important: entered values will be saved only for settings that are applied. Any values entered in settings that are not applied will be lost when saving the policy. Duplicate the policy to keep a copy of entered data. < I for the life of me can't understand what it's trying to convey. What does it mean, "applied"? Isn't that what I'm doing, applying settings?.. I'm at a bit of a loss, what to do here. Would someone help me out?
  7. Nevermind, fell back to older MySQL and ODBC and installed fine.
  8. Hi. I've been trying to install ESET Security Management Center Server Installer (version: 7.0.471.0) on a Debian server and ran into something I can't quite figure out. The command is (passwords and IPs omitted) ./server-linux-x86_64.sh --skip-license --db-driver="MySQL ODBC 8.0 Driver" --db-hostname= --db-port=3306 --db-admin-username=root --db-admin-password=*** --server-root-password=*** --db-user-username=nod32 --db-user-password=*** --cert-hostname=*** --disable-imp-program --locale=ru-RU The output: ESET Security Management Center Server Installer (version: 7.0.471.0), Copyright © 1992-2018 ESET, spol. s r.o. - All rights reserved. Extracting archive, please wait... Archive extracted to /tmp/tmp.aKtR2efg2z. Checking OpenSSL ... done [OpenSSL 1.0.2s 28 May 2019] Reading previous installation settings ... failure Checking installed version... done Status of current installation is: NEW Checking database connection ... done Checking database user ... done Loading GUID ... done [GUID = 2a68352e-a321-4d1c-aad6-54d55fde35c8] Inserting root password ... done Generating certificates ... done Skipping static groups synchronization scheduling. Stopping service... Preparing database upgrade ... done Upgrading database ... failure The log of what I presume is the problem: 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: Entering function: void Era::Setup::Common::CustomActions::CDatabaseWrapper::ExecuteScriptsInDirectory(const string&, const string&) 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: ExecuteScriptsInDirectory: Processing file /tmp/tmp.aKtR2efg2z/setup/Database/MySQL/SetupScripts/Upgrade/2_do_upgrade.sql 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: StoreStaticObjectPresets: Initializing with locale 'en_US' 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: Entering function: void Era::Setup::Server::CustomActions::Database::CCodeTokenExecutorStaticObjectsBase::SetDefaultDashboard(const Era::Common::DataDefinition::Dashboard::DashboardsData&) 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: Leaving function: void Era::Setup::Server::CustomActions::Database::CCodeTokenExecutorStaticObjectsBase::SetDefaultDashboard(const Era::Common::DataDefinition::Dashboard::DashboardsData&) 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: Entering function: void Era::Setup::Server::CustomActions::Database::CCodeTokenExecutorStaticObjectsBase::CreateReportTemplateCategory(const string&, const string&, const string&) CustomActions: /export/home/pb2/build/sb_0-34672789-1560939153.14/mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.17-src/driver/my_prepared_stmt.cc:135: int ssps_get_out_params(STMT*): Assertion `values' failed. Aborted 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: Installer: Failed upgrading database. 2019-08-19 11:50:11 Information: Installer: Error: : Error occurred while upgrading database Googling hasn't gotten me anywhere. Any advice of what to do here?
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