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  1. Ok I'll do that. Last question: see above, where to look for the (and all other logs)?
  2. I did choose option 1. and created a new task wich should run every month, set to delete computer that haven't connected in 30 days or more. I did run the job immediately and went on a holiday. 2 weeks later I've looked into it and it didn't delete anything. The job is stil "running" but I can't find any detail logging in the gui or console what is happening or where it stuck. The default import job (option 2) has always have had the delete option selected.... What's the next step (if any) and where are the detailed logs from a server task?
  3. Hi Martin, Sorry for the long delay, I've missed your response due to holliday's. I did indeed have a client task running and (because I couldn't find a disable option) deleted it. The import task for AD accounts has been changed for now so i hope it doesn't import any pc's anymore. Apperently I've not been clear enough on cloning: we don't do cloning anymore. Every PC is reinstalled with MDT from the original MS ISO. The next question is: how to get rid of all the duplicate entries in our database?
  4. In era every workstation is created 40+ times resulting in 20.000 objects and counting. I have no idea why en and how to solve this. Every workstation is reinstalled with MDT so there cannot be a duplicate SID. PC names do get reused but most pc's haven't been reinstalled in ages. I do notice on the workstation (mixed windows 7 and Windows 10 LTSC) lot's of reinstall of reconfiguration of the agents after each reboot. Howto resolve / debug this? Btw this is an upgraded ERA VM....
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