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  1. Hi Martin, Sorry for the long delay, I've missed your response due to holliday's. I did indeed have a client task running and (because I couldn't find a disable option) deleted it. The import task for AD accounts has been changed for now so i hope it doesn't import any pc's anymore. Apperently I've not been clear enough on cloning: we don't do cloning anymore. Every PC is reinstalled with MDT from the original MS ISO. The next question is: how to get rid of all the duplicate entries in our database?
  2. In era every workstation is created 40+ times resulting in 20.000 objects and counting. I have no idea why en and how to solve this. Every workstation is reinstalled with MDT so there cannot be a duplicate SID. PC names do get reused but most pc's haven't been reinstalled in ages. I do notice on the workstation (mixed windows 7 and Windows 10 LTSC) lot's of reinstall of reconfiguration of the agents after each reboot. Howto resolve / debug this? Btw this is an upgraded ERA VM....
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