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  1. Hello,


    After update the VA (based on CentOS) to ESET PROTECT I am unable to  login to console at first try. I have an AD group for ESMC administrators. Before update it worked like charm.


    I tried with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, same behavior:


    1.       If I login first time in a browser, or after clear cache, it works with AD user:



    2.       If I login second time with tick on Log Into Domain, I receive this:



    3.       If I fill any other input, also non existent local user, without tick on Log Into Domain, will give error, and after that if I tick Log Into Domain and use my domain user, it will work.


    4.       Now works with domain user



    5.       The error from log is: Error: CServerSecurityModule [Thread 7f1c41970700]: AuthenticateNativeUser: Native user login failed

  2. Is there any posibility to migrate ESMC installed on Windows server with MS SQL on ESMC VA based on CentOS with MySQL? I found the procedure with the certificates to migrate the agents, but if I want move the data base from MS SQL to MySQL I must install ESMC from scratch? (I dont want to keep ESMC on CentOS connected with MS SQL because I have only around 250 clients)

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