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  1. Many thanks for that Arakasi, much appreciated. I had the whole IP subnet range included in the Trusted zone. I have done rules and exclusions before, so understand what you're saying. My question was really because I've done maybe hundreds of (sort of) similar setups in the past few years, and never experienced this type of problem with Eset. This is the first I've done on Windows 8.1 - so maybe I'm assuming too much about that. Unfortunately the client is going overseas on Monday, so it might be another month before I see this computer again. Unless maybe by remote Thanks for your advice so far, and I'll update this when I have more information.
  2. Are there any known incompatibilities between Windows 8.1 and ESS ? I ask because I just delivered a new laptop with this configuration. Onsite I had various issues, all of which disappeared when I Temporarily Disabled Firewall. These included - network (seeing other computers on same Workgroup), Sage Accounts 2013, mapped drives. Much as I was unhappy doing so, I had to leave the laptop with the client, but I'm sure he'll have trouble with these issues. I have to say it wasn't me setup the new computer, so I won't know any configuration details until Monday. But just wondered if there is anything I'm not aware of with this combination. I've not been keeping up to date since the forum changed I don't really see anything relevant in this forum.
  3. Thanks Marcos, appreciate that. Yes we noticed very high svchost.exe CPU usage, with various PIDs. Didn't have time to follow up on that.
  4. The following common factors seem to have produced problems this week : Windows updates for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, Old PCs - Celeron and Sempron processors, low RAM, Eset. It seems to me that something in the Windows updates downloads triggered Eset scans - which ran constantly, not stopping. Then because the PCs had low specs, effectively they hung up for a LONG time, and users were unable to use the PCs. MS Outlook in particular was not useable at all. We found this on about a dozen PCs at one place yesterday, all old Celerons. They use Endpoint Security through ERAS. This morning we found the same on 4 old Sempron PCs, at a different place. They use Smart Security. I'm just wondering whether anyone else has found the same problem ? I'm not looking for any fix from Eset, because once we'd managed to complete all the Windows updates, the problems went away.
  5. Thanks for the update, CB530, it's appreciated.
  6. Hi, given that Microsoft has announced End Of Life for support of Windows XP, in April, is there anything that Eset can or will do in this regard ? Is there any part of the Security Updates that Microsoft have been doing which could be performed by an Eset product ?
  7. Just add domain.com to the allowed list, and that will whitelist all email addresses from that domain.
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