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  1. I fixed it by following this tutorial... https://support.eset.com/kb2960/ thanks. P.S. I tried adding it to the "Allowed" URLs and it didn't work, just now I tried adding it to the excluded from checking list and it worked.
  2. Tried that too, I tried https://watchdoctorwhoonline.com, I tried with www, without https, with https and www... It doesn't work.
  3. (excluding the IP addresses didn't work) On step 5, what URL am I supposed to put in the "URL Address"? I tried the website's address (https://watchdoc....) and clicked ok, but it turned red with the message "Failed to download certificate from given URL".
  4. Then can I not use the site anymore? It has never been like that, I've been using this site for over a year. How can I add the site to the allowed list? I've tried adding it to the setup -> internet protection -> web access protection -> URL address management -> edit -> list of allowed addresses -> edit -> and I added the site: "https://watchdoctorwhoonline.com", but it's still blocked, I've restarted the tab, chrome, even the PC but it's still blocked. do I have to disable eset via the "pause protection" feature?
  5. But as I said I don't believe the site itself actually has any malware, can the ads alone give me malware?
  6. Then if I have Ublock, is it fine to disable eset just when using the site?
  7. I have a site network that I watch tv shows from for almost 2 years, but this morning I tried going to https://watchdoctorwhoonline.com , which is one of the sites that the network owns, and it had always worked in the past with no issues, and I got this problem. I don't think it's the site's problem, as it never had any issues. Should I turn off eset to use the site or did the site probably get hacked or something similar...?
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