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  1. Alright, I was able to work it out with the Agent installed and a task from ERA. Thanks for walking me through that. I will read up on the VA upgrade documentation. Thanks again! P.S. You write excellent english, given your location in profile
  2. Where should I get the standalone Mac ESET EAV installer from? I hear you about the Agent installer script but I need the product too, it seems like it is unavailable in the Installers section of ERA 6.5 but somehow the Agent will pull it from the server and install it at runtime? Or does it just get the product from ESET servers? Can you point me to a guide to follow for upgrading my 6.5 virtual appliance to ESMC v7? I recently found out that will also require upgrading all of our agents to a newer version for compatibility but I'm unsure of the best path to take for that.
  3. When going to create an All-in-One Installer via the Admin > Installers section, I cannot find a product listed for macOS when choosing a product. All I see are Windows products. I've searched through help but I was unable to find an explanation or guide to exposing macOS products there. How do I make those products available? I have no filters on except OS Type and I don't see any products. Using ERA Server VA ERA version 6.5.417.0. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thanks!
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