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    L0ckJaw received kudos from The Rectifier in Introduce yourself   
    Hi All !
    L0ckJaw here, i am a Microsoft professional and living in the Netherlands.
    I am also a Malware tester for the Malwaretips community, and so far ESET did very good.
    Love ESET because of its lightness, great signatures.
    Keep up the good work!
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    L0ckJaw gave kudos to TomFace in AV-TEST and ESET   
    I use the daily "seat of my pants" results. I know what works for me.
    No A/V program is 100%...that's why they get updated and evolve.
    In my opinion, these A-V test results (no matter who publishes them) only provide the trolls with food (in addition to being (for me) worthless data). We all know (or at least should know) that you never feed a troll.
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