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  1. I did mention in an earlier post I went into the troubleshooting wizard and found a couple of things being blocked but was unsure if I should unblock them (under NT kernel & system). I could unblock them but that still wont help me from not having to do that on every single client thats not able to be managed... Not sure if Ive done this right - Ive collected the logs but it says i can only upload 100mb...
  2. We have some PCs for example that run software that we can web browse to (for example CCTV). I am unable to browse to them if the ESET client firewall is enabled (as well as being unable to make the PC 'managed') I will get the logs though and see if it helps... Thank you
  3. Guess not I cannot reach web interfaces on PCs any more that I could do before installing ESET v7 - if I disable the ESET firewall on the PC I cant reach, I can then reach that PCs web interface no problem. Wish Id never bothered and left it at 6.5.. Best go onto each of the 70 PCs I need to, disable the firewall temporarily, deploy the agent, get it managed and then reenable the firewall.. Joyous
  4. An update - ESMC 7 is just using the 5 built in policies for http proxy usage. Ive tried to add another policy to force the firewall to be turned off and moved it up the profile list to 2nd in the order. It works perfectly for the 10 or so clients that are being managed but is having no effect on the unmanaged clients. The Management agent deployment task from the server reports that it has failed to deploy to these clients still, but I can see in the apps lists on a couple of examples that its updated the agent to v7.0.577.0 but I still cant seem to be able to turn off the ESET firewall on
  5. Ok just doing some more looking around client side. Just booted up a client for the first time since upgrading ESMC as a test. The firewall was set to permanently disabled and greyed out so was unable to change it (from previous 6.3 ESMC system). I deployed the v7 agent via server task and its worked ok (now v7.0.577.0) but client still not managed in the console. However, the firewall setting is now enabled on the client and I am able to make changes to it but I still cannot ping it from another machine or reach the admin shares. Ive gone into the Troubleshooting wizard on the client
  6. I will check on one of the clients now and let you know. Im not aware of any rules but I do know that as a test, when I disable the ESET Endpoint firewall manually on the clients, the agent deploys and the client then becomes managed in the ESMC console, I can then also ping the machine from any other and can also reach the admin shares so theres something client side on ESET Endpoint firewall blocking this.
  7. Hello there Im hoping I can get some advice here on a situation Ive got with ESET and in particular the client firewalls after upgrading from 6.5 to 7. Ive done the upgrade manually ( a bit messy in the end but got there following the instructions for installing on a domain controller - yes I know but its a system Ive inherited). The problem I now have is Im trying to deploy the updated agent to the clients so that they become managed on v7 and its only worked for about 10 machines out of about 100. After checking the logs, Im getting the 0x35 Network path not found error on al
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