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  1. Hi thanks for the report suggestion, I can at least see what scans have been run now I think some sort of ability to copy the complete scan log from a client to the server would be a good thing thanks again Keith
  2. Hello I'm the network admin for a small less business, less than 100 staff but spread over 5 offices and 3 time zones with 60/40 ratio of laptops to desktop machines As you noted,with ESET 5 remote admin the pcs, provide all client logs to the server. This means I can check things like user initiated CD/DVD/USB drive scan logs, and I can see detailed scan results even when the laptop is not currently connected. As to what I get from it, ESET flags things like password encypted files like ZIPs RARs 7ZIPs as scan failures in the scan log. They are not viruses or threats, they are just
  3. Hi I'm migrating from remote Admin 5.3 to ESMC7. In 5.3 it's very easy, I right click the computer, go to Data for this Client, Scans and it shows me the full history of scans - regardless of whether they were the result of a scheduled scan or initiated by the user, and then I can drill down further and see the scan summary and extras like the list of files that couldn't be checked. It's pretty impressive. With ESMC7 seems all I can get is any scheduled tasks. And there doesn't seem to be any way to create a custom task that would pull the information from the client. Seems a lot mor
  4. Hi on a client pc, I can go into tools log files computer scan and see a history of scans. Is there a way for me to see this log in SMC7? In the SMC I've looked through the options under computer> logs> SysInspector, Log Collector and Diagnostics Logs but it doesn't seem to be there and doesn't seem an obvious way to get the client log on the SMC. Can anyone assist? thanks in advance Keith
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