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  1. You just uninstalled the malware you find,what about the malware you didn't find?Do a deep scan on your computer,some malware is not so easy to find.Ccleaner and Safewiper are available.
  2. I don't want to lose anything,so it is been working for me,so great.
  3. - How did you find the ESET Security Forum? - Google recommended it. - What OS are you running? - I am using Windows 10 now,Windows 7 is runing on another one. - What AV are you running? - ESET Smart Security . - What's an interesting fact about you? - I am going to learn some knowledge of computer programming. I spend 12 hours on the computer every day, but I increasingly find that I don't know enough about computers.it is not easy to learn programming well,no,anything.
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